Hey Cool Cats, Let’s Celebrate National Cat Day All Month Long

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national cat day

Hey Cool Cats, Let’s Celebrate National Cat Day All Month Long

October 29th is National Cat Day (always a reason to break out the catnip!). But for us, a single 24-hour slot is just not enough time to lionize all of the ways our furry felines make life so very interesting. So, we’ve rounded-up a few good-to-know tips, tricks and ideas to help give your cat friend their most purrfect life.

From health to home, we've organized our guide to make things easy.

Health & Happiness

Give your cat the best life possible by providing top-notch care for your feline.
National cat day
Besides your daily snuggling sessions and treat time, there are a slew of ways cat parents can make their kitties feel extra special. From fun games to home-baked treats, here are five ideas for planning the purr-fect National Cat Day celebration. Read More

Chewy Eats

Cats are primarily meat-eaters but hey, they like a few treats too. DIY these easy recipes to earn extra head butts and purrs.
Pumpkin muffins for cats
If you’re looking for a cat treat that’s anything but basic, try whipping up this cat treat recipe that features our unabashedly favorite fall ingredient. Read More

Gear & Good Things

From toys to trees, these feline favorites are the cat’s pajamas!
Cat tree
Condos or scratchers? Hammocks or ramps? Cat trees come in about as many varieties as, well, actual trees. So how do you pick the best cat tree? Read More

New Pet

The adventure begins! Here’s what you need to know when adopting a new cat.
Cat adoption checklist

Have you just adopted a cat? Congratulations! Even if this isn’t your first feline friend, adding a new cat to your family certainly is an exciting time—but wait! Is your home ready for a new pet? Read More

Cat People

Yes, we’re just a bit different…and that’s a great thing. Meet some of your tribe.
Cat allergies

I’ve been a cat vet for over 25 years now, and I’m still severely allergic to cats. But I love what I do. Here’s how I found a solution—and how you can, too. Read More



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