new dog

New Pets Guide:
Information on Adopting New Puppies,
Adult Dogs and Senior Dogs.

Adopting a dog is an adventure unlike any other. Whether a playful puppy or a rescued adult or senior dog, you cannot ever be truly prepared for the ways in which your heart opens, and your life is likely, albeit delightfully, turned upside down. However, you can be ready with the expert tips, tools, and skills you’ll need to start you and your newest family member off on the best paw possible. From training and diet, socializing and care, here is what you need to know.


Select your new dog's life stage to get started:

Let’s face it, puppies are a handful, but oh, puppies! This stage is a critical time in a dog’s life. What you do now can help them grow into a happy, healthy and well-adjusted dog.
Adult Dogs
A rescue dog’s transition into a forever home can be stressful for them. Establishing a healthy routine can make them feel safe, comfortable and settled in their new life.
Senior Dogs
Older dogs make phenomenal companions, but seniors do have unique health needs. Once you get into their lane, you will have an unforgettable experience (and probably save a life).