15-Year-Old Cat Gets a Quinceañera Surprise from Her Family

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15-Year-Old Cat Gets a Quinceañera Surprise from Her Family

For people in the Latin American community, a Quinceañera is a time-honored tradition in which loved ones throw a party for a female in their family who has just turned 15 years old. The celebration marks the young girl’s journey into womanhood.

The cultural rite of passage wasn’t limited to human family members when it came to Brigitte Olavarria and her family, who threw their cat, Luna, a very special 15th birthday.

“I joked about throwing Luna a lavish Quinceañera about a year ago. I never thought it would actually happen, but when my mom heard the idea, she started planning and made it happen,” Olavarria says.

After sending out invitations weeks before the main event, the Olavarrias (who hail from Charlotte, North Carolina) ordered pink decorations, a crown and a dress for Luna. In addition to offering Luna cat-friendly treats, they picked up a traditional tres leches cake for partygoers for the day of.

Olavarria, who describes Luna as “an absolute sweetheart” and “extremely friendly,” says she loved her Quinceañera.


“She was such a good sport the entire time,” Olavarria says. “I think she was happy to be surrounded by her family, since we are rarely all together. I also think she knew there was a can of tuna waiting for her.”

The photos and videos of Luna’s awesome Quinceañera have since gone viral. Luna has her very own Instagram and Facebook page, where she’s referred to as #QuinceañeraCat, and has thousands of fans and followers that are growing by the day.

Olavarria says that she and her family are tickled by Luna’s newfound fame.

“We hope that it inspires other people to celebrate their pets more often,” she says, adding that when it comes to cat-themed party planning, “Have fun with it! It’s okay to go a little overboard. The excitement of it all is contagious.”

Feel the inspiration and watch Luna’s family sing her “Happy Birthday” in the clip above.

Image via Brigitte Olavarria

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