9 Creative Cat Rooms Your Feline Friend Will Love

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Courtesy of BRABBU/Facebook

9 Creative Cat Rooms Your Feline Friend Will Love

Cat parents are known for showering their feline friends with cat toys, catnip, beds, cat trees and cat condos. Some take that parental love to a whole new level with cat rooms.

No, this is not a room with cat wallpaper and cat-themed décor. A cat room is a room—or part of a room—designed specifically for cats to play, climb and snooze in their own space.

There might be some cat decor on the walls or in corners, but a cat room is mostly a functional playroom or play area just for kitties. It requires little more than some designated cat shelves, a covered cat bed and a few cat trees to create a cat room. But these nine cat parents went above and beyond to provide their kitties with a special space all their own.

1. Posh Cat-stle

Cat in decorated cat room.

Courtesy of BRABBU/Facebook

This sophisticated cat room was designed by Ashley Bussell of design firm Laurel & Wolf. With the bold wallpaper, bright accents, mounted mice wall art and blue velvet couch, it’s truly a beyond-purrfect work of art.

2. Kitty Kingdom

Toys. Beds. Paw prints. And mini cat bridges? Yes, this cat room truly has it all, including, most importantly, happily snoozing cats.

3. Cat-Sized Bedroom

LouLou is used to small surroundings, as her parent, Erika Harberts, runs a design studio and often creates miniature furniture, plants and other items. Based on the giant, satisfied cat yawn in this photo, LouLou enjoyed her cat nap in her tiny cat bed in her tiny cat room.

4. Stylish Sphynx Sanctuary

Nosey and Remy are Sphynx cats who live with their human mom and dog sisters. Judging from this magnificent cat room designed just for them, they certainly don’t appear to be lacking in attention or love. Whenever the puppy energy gets to be too much, Remy and Nosey can come in here, find a fluffy surface and snooze the day away.

5. For the Modern Climber

Climbing shelves for cats in cat rooms.

Courtesy of hbno2/Instagram

For felines his Ollie and Archie, Harry Bainbridge, Jr. used cat furniture to create this cat room with a wall that’s cozy, cool and a climbing cat’s paradise.

6. Welcome to the Jungle

Jungle-inspired cat room

Courtesy of rioccd28/Instagram

Adopted brothers JJ and Nicco get in touch with their wild side in their jungle-themed cat playroom. Various cat trees are surrounded by greenery, and the wall shelves are lined with vines to hide and snooze behind. Not only that, their parent is an artist who creates homemade catnip toys, so it’s safe to say these boys live like true kings of the jungle.

7. Purr-fect Playroom

When Daisy and Flearoy are in the mood to play, nap or bat around some dangly toys, they head to their very own play space complete with several beds, nooks, crannies and ledges to keep them busy.

8. Cat Cubbies

This minimalist cat room perfectly blends cuteness and functionality. Built for Louis and Marie by their handy parent, it features covered cat cubbies, ledges, cat steps and a wall decal of the Eiffel Tower for a chic design addition. That’s one way to get your cat to leave your computer alone!

9. Parkour Paradise

Cats are the original parkour enthusiasts, and this cat room has plenty of platforms for their running, jumping and perching pleasure. Persian cat siblings Bruce and Bonnie certainly seem to enjoy it.

The next time your cat is napping on your freshly laundered clothes or climbing all over your entertainment center (and knocking off candles in the process), consider using some of these cat rooms as inspiration to create a space your very own furry friend. Besides being extremely cute, it might just keep the rest of your house clean in the process.

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