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New Pets Guide:
Information on Adopting New Kitties,
Adult Cats and Senior Cats.

Cat lovers can agree that adopting a new cat is a life changing experience. There is nothing quite like bringing a fluffy feline in your family to look after and care for. But while it may be easy to fall in love the new bundle of fur strutting through your home, learning how to give them the care they need so they can be a healthy, happy cat is a whole different breed entirely.From newborn kittens to senior cats, we have the information you need to give your cat the best life possible, at every life stage. If you're ready to show your new feline you're the cat's meow, keep reading for tips and tricks from our certified experts.


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There is nothing cuter—and more amusing—than a kitten. Their playful, lovable and irresistible personalities make the bit of extra TLC kittens need to thrive all worth it in the end.
vet holding cat and dog

The New Pet Parent Guide to Finding a 5-Star Vet–and How to Be a 5-Star Client

Finding a vet can seem overwhelming when you have a teething puppy or new rescue cat at home, but this helpful guide breaks down how to choose a good vet.

best cat carriers

How to Choose the Best Cat Carrier for Your Favorite Feline

From backpacks to crates, we help you pick the best cat carrier for your fave feline.

how much to feed a kitten: kitten pink food bowl

How Much to Feed a Kitten: The Ultimate Guide to Cat Food Portions

Get an idea of how much to feed a kitten and the proper kitten food portions for your young cat so you can keep them healthy and happy.

how to introduce cats

How to Introduce Cats: Steps for a Successful Transition

Adding a new kitty to your cat family? Find out how to introduce cats with expert tips from a veterinary behaviorist.

Cat Vaccinations: Everything You Need to Know

Cat Vaccinations: Everything You Need to Know

Vaccines protect your cat from severe and potentially fatal diseases. Learn about the recommended schedule, which cat vaccines are required, and how your cat’s lifestyle affects your feline friend’s vaccine needs.

how to litter train a kitten

How to Litter Train a Kitten: Pro Tips From Cat Experts

Learn how to litter train a kitten with step-by-step directions and troubleshooting tips from cat veterinarians and behaviorists.

Adult Cats
Want your new cat to be your BFF? With some environmental enrichment, a quality diet and some positive time spent with their human—you’ll have a friend for life.
stressed cat: cat hiding in wicker pod

5 Signs You May Have a Stressed Cat—and How You Can Help

Have a stressed cat? Here’s what to look for.

how to trim cat nails

How to Trim Cat Nails: Step-by-Step Tips From a Professional Groomer

Learning how to trim cat nails can save you a lot of time and stress compared to taking your kitty to the groomer. Here are step-by-step tips from a professional groomer.

How much to feed a cat

How Much to Feed a Cat: Portions, Counting Calories & Beyond

If you understand how much to feed a cat, you can prevent overfeeding and underfeeding by serving the appropriate portion size for your kitty.

Cat Food for All Ages

Cat Food for All Ages: How (and What) to Feed Your Cat During Every Stage of Life

Searching for the best cat food for all ages? Refer to this guide on all life stages cat food for optimum nutrition.

how to manage cat separation anxiety

How to Manage Cat Separation Anxiety

Is your cat experiencing anxiety when they’re alone? Follow our experts’ advice to learn the signs and best ways to treat cat separation anxiety.

how to keep cats from scratching furniture

Save Your Sofa! Here’s How to Keep Your Cat from Scratching Furniture

Is your kitty sharpening their claws on your favorite couch? Find out how to keep cats from scratching furniture with these expert tips.

Senior Cats
Is your senior cat living their best life? We have a few ideas on how you can give an older cat everything they need to thrive.

What to Do When Your Senior Cat Is Not Using the Litter Box

When your senior cat is not using the litter box, it’s more than a frustrating mess—it could be a sign of a serious problem. Here’s what to do.

pet gadgets to help senior dogs

Cool Pet Gadgets to Help Your Senior Dog or Cat

Pet tech products have changed how we care for pets. From activity trackers to automatic feeders, these pet gadgets can improve your dog or cat’s life.

senior cat age

Senior Cat Age: At What Age Is My Cat a Senior?

What age is a cat considered a senior? Get the answers along with some care tips for senior felines.


4 Tips for Happy, Healthy Senior Cats

BeChewy gives you 4 tips for keeping your precious senior cat in perfect health and happiness.

Senior Cat Food

Senior Cat Food: What—and How Much—to Feed Your Senior Cat

Ensure the best care for your senior kitty! Here’s what every pet parent needs to know about making the switch to senior cat food.


How Much Should My Senior Cat Sleep?

BeChewy tackles the issue of why cats seem to sleep so much, especially senior cats.