15 Over-The-Top Catios Every Cat Dreams Of

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15 Over-The-Top Catios Every Cat Dreams Of
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15 Over-The-Top Catios Every Cat Dreams Of

Some cats are perfectly content to spend their days enjoying the comfort that indoor life offers. For others, the call of the wild remains strong. How can you safely allow your indoor cat outside?

An easy solution is to create a catio for your feline. While completely enclosed, these clever structures allow Kitty to enjoy a little fresh air (and bird stalking).

“They can experience the seasons, but they’re safe,” says Ingrid Johnson, a certified cat behavior consultant in Marietta, Georgia. “It can be a pretty exciting place for a cat to be.”

Catios come in all shapes and sizes. While some are modest enclosures, others—like the one Johnson custom-built for her lucky cats—are much more ambitious.

From penthouse-worthy rooftop hangouts to chic kitty lounges, these extreme catios are almost any feline’s dream come true.

1. The Whole Nine Yards

Yes, you could build a small catio in the yard. Or, you could enclose the entire yard and let your kitties roam free!

 2. Woodland Wonderland

When you live in the Catskill Mountains, it’s only fitting that your felines have a woodland jungle gym.

3. Desert Oasis

Instagram-worthy catio essentials: dappled sunlight, assorted succulents, napping shelves. File this one under #jealous.

4. Ice Palace

Signs your kitty approves of his catio: He’ll brave the snow to hang out in it.

5. Down-Under Retreat

Overhead tunnels? Check. Climbing trees? Check. All the passing birdies Australia has to offer? Check, check and check.

6. Beachfront Balcony

When you enjoy a luxurious Santa Monica, California, ocean view, you definitely want to share it with your kitties. Eight stories up, this apartment catio is a safe way for cats to enjoy time on the balcony.

7. Treehouse Trail

The next best thing to climbing trees and chasing birds is a treetop catio trail. Enjoy the high life, little friend.

8. Welcome to the Jungle

With catio landscaping this lush, we’re not sure these lucky kitties realize they’re in the middle of the city.

9. Lounging Large

Deep cat thoughts: If your two-story garden catio doesn’t include a hammock, are you even living?

10. Mid-Century Meowdern

With clean lines and strategic pops of color, fashionable felines will appreciate this catio with a modern vibe.

11. Living the High Life

If your sprawling backyard catio doesn’t include elevated walkways, how are your cats supposed to enjoy the view of Los Angeles?

12. Poolside Perks

extreme catio in the backyard

Courtesy of The Cat Carpenter

Consider this one a kitty cabana. Our favorite feature? The mobility ramp, which was installed so the resident senior cat could enjoy the shelves.

13. Designer Digs

Come for the walkways, stay for the custom kitty face cutouts. This handmade catio is a work of art.

14. Pampered Playhouse

This fancy enclosure was built for a lucky housecat. Plenty of room to run, climb and play.

15. Penthouse Suite Playground

“Oh hello, human. Welcome to my Grecian rooftop paradise. Do enjoy the view, darling.”

While these extreme catios are certainly something to meow about, a more modest enclosure can offer plenty of enrichment to a stir-crazy housecat. Before building a catio or allowing your cat outside the home, talk to your veterinarian about how to keep your pet safe and healthy. Now, enjoy the great outdoors, kitties!

By: Monica Weymouth

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