Pet Party Fouls: 7 Embarrassing Behaviors That Ruin Your Get-Togethers

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Pet Party Fouls: 7 Embarrassing Behaviors That Ruin Your Get-Togethers

Parties with pets present can be, well, interesting. Here are some pet party fouls and ways to handle them.

Blocking the Doorway

If your party is of the in-and-out variety, Fido may storm the door and block your guests’ entry and exit. To prevent such rudeness, especially if this is a habitual offense, see if a neighbor can dog-sit while your party is in progress. Even if your pooch knows the “back” command, he’s not likely to obey with all the distracting excitement.

Licking Drinking Glasses

Dogs and cats with a penchant for alcohol can taint glass after glass of wine with animal spit. Push in unoccupied chairs to keep Fido off of them and his nose out of guests’ drinks. Keep your cat off of kitchen counters and dining-room tables. Provide coasters for covering glasses while your friends are away from the table.

Peeing on the Grill

Barbecues become less appetizing when your dog decides he must christen the grill. Consider taking your dog for a walk to do his business or watch him while he goes potty in the yard prior to the start of your party. Keep him inside the house while your guests are enjoying themselves to avoid an embarrassing sprinkle.

Interrupting Board Games

Board games become an annoyance when your cat plonks down right on top of it. To avoid her barging in on the fun, keep your Scrabble on top of a table rather than playing on the floor. If she insists on jumping up and messing up the board, remove her to the room you’ve set up prior to your guests’ arrival. She won’t mind missing out on a little competition.

Begging for Food

Staring at food with a longing look can make guests uncomfortable and tempt them to feed your pet tidbits that may make him ill. Give your pet his dinner prior to guests’ arrival, and he’ll be less likely to stalk your appetizers and bother your guests.

Blocking the TV

The big game is on and right at the crucial moment, kitty decides to block the TV. Your guests are likely to take care of this one with shouts of dismay and admonitions to get out of the way. To stop it from happening in the first place, though, tape foil over your coffee table before your party starts. Cats hate the way foil feels under their feet and your table will get a shiny, festive cover.

Eating Unattended Food

Dogs (and cats) can’t be trusted around unmonitored food – ever. Even the most well-trained pet will succumb to temptation if tasty party treats are left uncovered and within striking range. Serve those snacks to your guests and then park the leftovers in the fridge or covered on the counter, with an open invitation for your guests to help themselves to seconds.

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