How to Celebrate National Pet Month: Four Weeks of Activities and Adventures

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How to Celebrate National Pet Month: Four Weeks of Activities and Adventures

Happy National Pet Month! Throughout the month of May, BeChewy is celebrating the animals who bring joy to our lives each day with special deals to spoil pets with all their favorite food and gear. And there are plenty of ways you can join in the fun, too! Follow our lead as we celebrate our pets in new ways every week this month.

Week 1: Protect Their Health


Your most important responsibility as a pet parent? Keeping your new bestie happy and healthy. So there’s no better time to make sure you’ve got the essentials covered.

We’ve got your guide to following the American Veterinary Medical Association’s suggestions for each day of National Pet Week, which runs May 7-13. Ensuring your pet's safety with a microchip? Check. Finding the perfect vet? Check. Grooming, travel, exercise and beyond? Check, check and double check.

Think of it as the perfect way to kick off a whole month of showering your pet with love.

Week 2: Make Mealtimes Fun

Nutrition is important, but there’s more to food than its health benefits. It’s also the chance to bond with your pet, sustaining both their body and spirit.

So this week, serve them a DIY recipe as a special treat. Whether you bake up some scrumptious cookies, fire up the grill for some pet-safe kebabs, or even mix them up a pet-friendly mocktail, one thing is certain: You’ll love watching them chow down on your homemade snack, and they’re sure to feel the love, too.

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Week 3: Plan an Adventure


When it comes to making memories with your pet, there’s no time like the present. So go ahead, plan a fun, exciting experience for you both to share.

First, consider your pet's personality and abilities: Would they prefer exploring outdoors, or staying inside? To be surrounded by friends or one-on-one time with you? An active escape or a chill-out session?

Then, choose an activity to match, whether it’s a rugged hiking adventure, visiting a new park, or just some extra playtime with an intriguing new toy. No matter what you choose, you’ll have a blast as long as you’re together.

Week 4: Go Ahead—Spoil Them!

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Admit it: You love splurging on your pet almost as much as they love the new toys and treats that come inside that blue box.

Well, we've got good news: Chewy’s making it extra easy to spoil them this month, with a ton of deals and discounts perfect for celebrating the awesome animals in your life.

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However you choose to spend National Pet Month, we're wishing you and your pet plenty of happiness all month long. Now get out there and make the most of it!


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