The Ultimate Dog Birthday Guide: Gifts, Recipes and More

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The Ultimate Dog Birthday Guide: Gifts, Recipes and More

Show of hands if you spend more time, effort and money throwing your dog a birthday party than your own. Yeah, us, too (and proud of it!). For many of us, celebrating your dog's birthday can be a very involved process: You need the perfect theme, the perfect decor, the perfect (homemade!) birthday cake, the perfect outfit (a dog birthday hat is a must) and the birthday gift (all the dog toys!) for your pup to rock on their big day.

There's so much to consider, pet parent party planners might be unsure where to start. That's where this dog birthday guide comes in handy.

Here, you'll find everything you need to make your dog's special day as fun, as delicious and as memorable as possible—whether you decide to keep the celebration low-key with a homemade dog-friendly birthday cake and a special birthday gift, or you go all-out and throw a big, extravagant party with all their furry friends in attendance.

Dog Birthday Party To-Dos

Wanting to throw a birthday bash this year? Here's a handy list of dog birthday party to-dos, from decorating and baking the cake to choosing their birthday outfit and more. (A few items are linked; click to learn more.)

Play Games

Give Out Prizes

Gift Goody Bags

Choose a Theme

When planning a dog birthday party, decide on the theme first. This could be a color scheme (like Barbiecore or Pantone's Color of the Year) or a certain activity (pamper puppy party, anyone?). Maybe you love watching a specific TV show together (like "The Bear" or "Yellowstone"), or you want to embrace your favorite music festival (Pupchella, FTW). Once you've decided, then you can choose the most appropriate invitations, decorations, treats, outfit and more.


dog birthday party decorations

Of course, for any puppy birthday party, you'll need party decorations and party supplies. Blow up some balloons, put up some banners and sprinkle the space with streamers. (Skip the confetti, though; curious dogs might eat it.)

Don't stop there: You'll also need a photo-worthy backdrop! You can tape or tack up colorful wall streamers and a banner for an eye-catching backdrop. Or, if you don't have a wall available, build your very own backdrop for your photo booth. (It's easy; we promise.)

Pick the Perfect Outfit


Let the birthday boy or girl shine on their big day with a special 'fit.

Choose a festive dog bandana, or, for the puppers who don't mind slipping into something more, pick up a birthday-themed shirt or a head-turning dress.

Get a Birthday Gift


Whether you spoil your pup with their next favorite toy, a bag of tasty treats or a box full of goodies with all their favorite squeaker toys, they're sure to love anything you give them.

Need ideas? We've got plenty of dog-approved gifts to browse:

Bake a Dog Birthday Cake

It wouldn't be a birthday without the birthday cake! And we have not one but two dog birthday cake recipes for dogs:

Serve Treats

treats dog birthday
Treat canine guests to some tasty small bites. From sweet to savory dog cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, pies and more, here are some of our favorite dog-friendly treat recipes:
Don't feel like baking? Save some time and get treats delivered to your doorstep, instead.

Play Party Games


In addition to having some toys available for dogs to play with, entertain your guests (both dog and human) with a game or two.

Some party game ideas include:

  • Play a twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey called Give a Dog a Bone
  • Play a round of trivia, where guests must answer questions about the guest of honor
  • Create an obstacle course
  • Bob for dog-friendly fruits, like blueberries and strawberries
  • Play doggy scavenger hunt by hiding treats around the house or yard
  • Turn your backyard into a dog water park

Pre-Party Pamper


Have everything you need for the big day? Great! Now, all that's left to do is have a spa day.

For your pre-party pamper, give your pup a facial, massage and/or pawdicure.

Setting up a spa day is also a great idea for those looking for a more low-key way to celebrate your pup.

Did You Know? Birthday Edition!

The number of birthday cards sent to pets last year
The number of pet portraits sent to pets last year
The number of pet birthdays plugged into Chewy Pet Profiles (so don't forget yours!)

Shop Our Favorite Birthday Gifts and More

Finally, it's time for the best part: shopping! We've rounded up some of our favorite dog gifts, party hats, birthday bandanas, birthday outfits, chew toys, birthday treats and more.


Frisco It's My Birthday Bandana
Frisco It's a Party Animal Hat

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Frisco Rainbow Denim Dog & Cat Dress


Frisco Plush Squeaking Birthday Cake Dog Toy

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Goody Box Birthday Dog Toys & Treats
Frisco Plush Birthday Bear with Striped Hat Dog Toy

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Pooch Creamery Birthday Cake Flavor Ice Cream Mix Dog Treat
Bubba Rose Biscuit Co. Unisex Birthday Cake Dog Treat
Bocce's Bakery Birthday Cake Dog Treats

Happy birthday from all of us at BeChewy!

Planning a bday paw-ty for your pup? Have any advice, tips or want to share photos from their party? Drop a comment or tag @Chewy on social!


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