What You Need to Throw the Best Dog Birthday Party Ever, According to a Dog Party Planner

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Dog Birthday Party
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What You Need to Throw the Best Dog Birthday Party Ever, According to a Dog...

Bake a cake, grab a crown and get ready to sing. It’s time to throw your furry friend an Instagram-worthy dog birthday party.

To help you throw the best doggy b-day bash on the block, we tapped a pet expert with the ultimate dream job: dog birthday party planning (yes, this exists!). Suzi West is the president of Dog Party Planner and Play Dates and has been hosting lavish doggy extravaganzas for five years in Orange County, California.

Whether it’s your dog’s birthday, gotcha day or DOGust, here are eight dog birthday party supplies West says you should put on your shopping list.

Goody Box Birthday Toys & Treats

Think of the Birthday Goody Box as your party jumpstart kit; it’s filled with toys, treats, chews and apparel to help get the festivities going.

Every item featured has been hand-selected by pet lovers and paw-rents like you, so you can feel confident in the quality and assortment in each box. 

So, if you want to “add excitement to the party,” says West, a Birthday Goody Box is an absolute must.

PRO TIP: Repurpose the box as a placemat or a toy bin for the dogs at the party.  

Tail Trends Birthday Dog Bandana

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Having your dog stand out from the crowd with themed attire pretty much guarantees extra attention and birthday cuddles. Not your ordinary bandana, it even has the power to generate positive birthday wishes from complete strangers passing by.

Plus, the metallic silver foil accent adds the paw-fect touch to your mandatory celebratory Instagram post.

Frisco Happy Birthday Dog Crown

While your pup’s probably already king or queen of the castle, why not make it official? This birthday crown is another fun way for the birthday boy or girl to show off their special day.

PRO TIP: Reuse the crown every year as your dog’s birthday party staple.

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The Lazy Dog Cookie Co Birthday Cake Mix

Dog birthday party


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The birthday cake is the main event. While you can make the cake from scratch, here’s a kit to make it easy.

This DIY dog birthday cake contains a simple mix made of oats, vanilla powder and flaxseed for the cake and yogurt powder and molasses for the frosting. Just add water or olive oil, and you’ll have yourself an 8-inch single layer dog birthday cake for your precious pup and all their four-legged friends.

West is a big personal fan of The Lazy Dog Cookie Co creations, standing firmly by the quality and taste of the product.

PRO TIP: Decorate the cake by writing your pet’s name in dog-safe icing. Make sure the cake’s frosting dries before writing on it and the cake cools before serving to the party.

Pooch Creamery Ice Cream Mix

“What's a birthday without ice cream?” asks West. (We concur!) By using just five premium ingredients, Pooch Creamery’s mix gives dogs a safer, lactose-free alternative for indulging in the sweet treat. The mix comes in five different flavors: birthday cake, peanut butter, vanilla, carob and watermelon—all gluten- and GMO-free.

To serve up some delicious ice cream at your dog’s birthday party, all you need to do is add water to the mix and freeze for eight hours.

PRO TIP: Serve at outdoor birthday parties during spring or summer months to keep pups cool.

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The Beistle Company Dog Birthday Party Kit

Dog birthday party


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Make decorating easy with a paw-some dog party décor kit. In this set, you’ll find 10 decorating items, including one “It’s My Pawty” streamer, a happy birthday centerpiece, a photo frame and seven cutouts for the tables or walls.

PRO TIP: If you have kids, you can involve them in the festivities by having them help decorate. 

Claudia's Canine Bakery Birthday Dog Treats

Martha Stewart would agree—a good host sends guests home with some goodies. Hand-decorated in a birthday theme, these treats from Claudia’s Canine Bakery are one of West’s favorite gifts to add to dog goody bags.

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Frisco Birthday Tennis Balls

Dog birthday party


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“It's very important for humans to interact with their pups during the party,” says West. It will make your event more fun andto the pet parents’ reliefhelp tire out the furry guests.

For a dog birthday party, West recommends the birthday tennis balls from Frisco. These aren’t your standard tennis balls, though. They come complete with a squeaker inside and a dog-safe, non-abrasive material that’s gentle on teeth and gums. “A tennis ball is a great one-on-one, fun interactive game to play with your guests,” she says.

PRO TIP: Incorporate several 15-minute games for dogs to keep party-goers engaged.


Besides these dog birthday party supplies, West also suggests having several water bowls for the dogs to hydrate and “lots of dog-friendly food.” And don’t forget interactive activities for both humans and fur babies.

When all is said and done, “have a great time at your party,” says West. It’s not every day you have a room full of adorable pups, so make every doggone minute count.

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