Can Dogs Eat Blueberries? Everything You Need to Know

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can dogs eat blueberries
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Can Dogs Eat Blueberries? Everything You Need to Know

Can dogs eat blueberries? Yes! Blueberries are not only safe for dogs to eat, but they’re also a low-calorie treat that’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and are high in fiber, too.

This summer transform those baskets of juicy, ripe, fresh blueberries found at farmer’s markets or grocery stores into tasty treats for your dogs. While fresh is best, unsweetened frozen blueberries for dogs are also on the menu. We spoke with Dr. Deborah Bayazit, co-owner and Medical Director of Brilliant Veterinary Care, for tips and advice on how to include blueberries in your pup’s diet.

Benefits of Blueberries for Dogs

Are blueberries good for dogs? If served in moderation, yes, blueberries are a healthful treat that’s okay for dogs. Some of the benefits of adding superfood blueberries to your dog’s diet include:

  • High antioxidant capacity including Flavonoids
  • High in vitamins C and K to support your pup’s immune system
  • High in fiber, nutrient-dense and low in calories
  • 85% water for additional hydration benefits

How to Feed Blueberries to Dogs

You should always consult with your vet before serving blueberries to determine the right portion size for your dog. Even a healthy treat like blueberries should be factored into your dog’s optimum daily balanced diet. Dr. Bayazit recommends fresh or unsweetened frozen blueberries can be:

  • A daily treat for your pup
  • Sprinkled into your prepared dog food
  • Fed one-by-one as a special treat
  • Used as an excellent training treat for dogs who love them
  • Served up as an extra special cooling treat on hot summer days

Never feed your pup blueberries that are canned, sugared or packed in syrup. The sugar content is too high, and these foods might have added preservatives and sweeteners like xylitol which can be deadly.

If possible, Dr. Bayazit says buying and serving organic blueberries is always preferable; either way, careful and thorough washing of the fruits is vital prior to serving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many blueberrries can I feed my dog each day?


Generally, 8-10 blueberries per day depending on your pet’s size and tolerance for this fruit. Blueberries should be served as a treat and can even be offered up every day if factored into your dog’s vet-recommended daily calorie count. Treats should be no more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet and as they contain sugar, blueberries need to be served in moderation. Too many blueberries can potentially cause stomach upset, so start with a few berries and see how your pup takes to them.

Q: Can dogs eat blueberry muffins? 

A: Sorry, the answer here is no. Although delicious, it’s probably best to keep your blueberry muffins to yourself according to Dr. Bayazit. Like most other baked goods, blueberry muffins add unnecessary sugar to your pup’s diet, and sugar-free muffins may be sweetened with xylitol which is toxic to dogs.

Q: Are dogs allergic to blueberries? 

A: Probably not, according to Dr. Bayazit, who notes that very few dogs have a true allergy to blueberries. Your dog may react to organic or synthetic chemicals applied when berries are being grown, so buy organic and always wash carefully before serving.

Q: Can dogs eat blueberries every day?

A: That depends on your dog’s tolerance for blueberries. As with any fruit too much of it can cause soft stool or diarrhea, notes Dr. Bayazit. If your dog has vomiting or diarrhea after eating any food, including blueberries, stop giving that food to your pup.

Top Dog Treats/Foods With Blueberries

Aside from feeding fresh or unsweetened frozen blueberries straight-up to your dog, try making a homemade treat from an easy vet-approved recipe or stock up on prepared options that incorporate both blueberries and blueberry flavors into their foods and treats.


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Before serving any new foods, even healthy ones such as fresh strawberries to your dog, consult with your veterinarian for appropriate serving size. If you suspect your pet is sick, please call your vet immediately. For health-related questions, always consult your regular veterinarian when possible as they can make the best recommendations for your pet. (If you need help finding a vet near you use this link.)


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