Dogs Pose With Santa—And The Results Are Hilarious

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Dogs Pose With Santa—And The Results Are Hilarious

In many ways, our dogs are like children. We teach them manners, we bring them to the park for playtime, we plaster their sweet little faces all over Instagram. And, naturally, we take them to see Santa. Whether these pups were naughty or nice, they’re certainly adorable. Happy pawlidays to all!

1. It takes a very brave Santa to hold three costumed Chihuahuas.


2. That moment you realize Santa’s beard is fake and you’ve been living a lie.

Credit: @evelynnweber

3. When you’re too big for Santa’s lap but not quite ready to stop believing.

Credit: @gypsy_soulphotography

4. “Is it time to see Santa yet? Is it time to see Santa yet? Santa! Look, it’s Santa!”

Credit: @riotheshepherd

5. Santa, if you’re reading, we’d like to ask for everything in this photo.

Credit: @grumpypuppytraining

6. When your little brother just can’t keep his cool and the whole mall is watching.

Credit: @sdmould

7. After promising Santa that he’d been a good boy, Riley suddenly remembered the many, many sneakers he ate.

Credit: @rileydoodled

8. The face you make when Santa denies your request for a Christmas squirrel.

Credit: @cozynookhq

9. Something tells us that Beansz had a very promising conversation with Santa.

Credit: @beansz

10. OK, so Lilo isn’t a dog. But a bunny in a Christmas sweater wins every single time.

Credit: @lilobinkypants

11. Cooper and Santa look so good together, we hear Rudolph is still sulking.

Credit: @cooperleetheaussie

12. Ralphie, moments after Santa told him that his bacon dreams were about to come true.

Credit: @ralphie_thepug

13. Too soon for a kiss? Never, says Maximus.

Credit: @sbandmaximus

14. Omi promised himself he wouldn’t get starstruck—but come on, this is Santa we’re talking about.

Credit: @omigram

15. Frederic demands to know who told Santa about the stolen sausages.

Credit: @frenchbulldog_frederic

16. Because playing it cool is overrated—especially at Christmas.

Credit: @mybakerylane

16. Just as Kissa expected—this Santa stuff is for the dogs.

Credit: @kimburrley

Monica Weymouth is a writer, editor and certified Weird Animal Lady. She lives in Philadelphia with her two rescued Shih Tzus.


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