Poll: 65% of Pet Parents Would Rather Pets Get Holiday Gifts Than Themselves

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Poll: 65% of Pet Parents Would Rather Pets Get Holiday Gifts Than Themselves

Would you dress up as a mall Santa for a month if it meant your pet had the best holiday ever? How about watching “Frosty the Snowman” twice a day for the entire month of December? Spend the holidays with the Grinch?

Chewy polled hundreds of pet parents and found that, by an overwhelming margin, most of us would stop at nothing to include our pets in the magic of the season. That’s because our pets make the holidays (and every day) better.

Chewy 2023 Holiday Survey

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Pets Partake in Holiday Traditions

Whether baking or holiday movie bingefests, pet parents love to include their pets in traditions, old and new.

take holiday photos with their pets.
bring their pets with them when traveling.
decorate for their pets.

They Party Hardy at Holiday Events

(And not just for the belly rub opportunities.)

holiday party
say their pets act like the main attraction at parties
say their dog could be found stalking the snack table
say their pets are the official front door greeter

Pets Are the Beating Heart of the Family

Their mere presence makes all the difference during this often stressful time of year.

91% said their pets' love is especially comforting during the holidays.

87% of pet parents polled said the holidays would not be the same without their pets.

We’d Do Almost Anything for Our Pets

Pet parents love their pets so much, there’s not much they wouldn’t do to make sure they have the best. Holiday. Ever.
holidays with pets survey - woman shopping
would do the shopping for everyone on their family's list.

We LOVE to Spoil Them

Considering how much our pets give us, it’s no surprise the majority of pet parents include their pets in their gift giving.
fill a stocking for their pet.
give their pets gifts "From Santa."
buy gifts to give from their pets.

They Made Our Heart Grow Three Sizes

Like the Grinch, 88% of pet parents polled said their heart grew three sizes when they got their fur babies. Here are some of their stories of how pets have brought love and joy into their lives:
I picked her from a shelter. I noticed her immediately and was charmed as she cocked her head side to side when she saw me. I started to drive home, then went back to pick her up. She was destined to be my dog."
When I got my dog, I had just lost my best friend and was going through some of the worst times in my life. Then my puppy came along and pulled me out of that funk by just being so energetic and loving."
Having pets just brings something extra to your life. It's a different version of what having kids brings to your life. Seeing them happy makes me happy. Seeing them excited makes me happy. Cuddling with them is comforting to me."
We had a group of three kitties, then added one more as two of them passed. When those last two passed, I feared that I'd never love again the way I loved them (especially Misty, who was like my child). Our new kitties opened up my heart again in a way I never knew possible."
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