This Dad’s Tearful Reaction to Meeting His New Puppy Is so Sweet

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This Dad’s Tearful Reaction to Meeting His New Puppy Is so Sweet

Losing a beloved pet is a harrowing ordeal, but losing two in a short period of time is enough to break any heart.

James Xuereb of Ontario has been mourning the passing of his dogs Nemo and Lucy, respectively, and his family wanted to provide him with some much-needed joy.

With that, his family gave him an incredible and heartwarming surprise: a new Bichon Frise puppy.

Xuereb’s daughter caught the touching moment on camera in which his family gave him a birthday card with a message that he was going to meet his new best friend, Lumo.

An emotional James could barely get through the card, which his daughter eventually read to him. It said: “Hi, my name is Lumo. I am a boy Bichon. No, I am not Nemo, nor could I ever be Lucy. My mommy brought me to bring some happiness back into your life. So, as we walk on this journey of life together, may we create our own wonderful memories and reclaim the beautiful memories you had with Nemo and Lucy. Love, Lumo.”

As their sweet father cried upon hearing the news, he began openly weeping with joy as his family finally introduced him to the pup. “Hi, baby boy,” he cries, while cradling his dog, whose name is a combination of Lucy and Nemo.

The clip is bound to get the waterworks flowing for you, not only because you’ll feel the same emotions for the pets you adore, but because you’ll just be so darn happy for James.

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