How to Unplug With Your Pet, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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national day of unplugging

How to Unplug With Your Pet, According to Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to the zodiac, you know your stuff: your sun, moon and rising signs, who you’re compatible with and who to avoid. You even know (and fear) when Mercury goes into retrograde. But be real: Do you spend as much time tracking your mental and physical wellness as you do your star chart?

The National Day of Unplugging is a great time to start. The annual holiday encourages everyone to spend 24 hours apart from smartphones and computers, from sundown on March 3 to sundown on March 4. The benefits are endless, from reduced stress and anxiety to building bonds with your IRL friends and family. And when you spend the day with your pet, those benefits extend to your favorite furry friend, too!

So how should you unplug with your pet? Here’s the good news: Your extensive zodiac knowledge won’t go to waste. From Aries to Pisces to everyone in-between, we’ve got suggestions tailor-made for every sign under the sun.

national day of unplugging

Aries: Play Games

If there’s one thing an Aries loves, it’s a little friendly competition. This feisty fire sign has a fighting spirit with plenty of energy to match. So if you’re a pet parent born under the sign of the ram, lean into your competitive instincts and challenge your pet to a fun game.

Dog parents have a world of options, from fetch to tug-of-war to scent tracking (aka “hide the treat”). Cat parents can play keep-away with a teaser wand, or hide-and-seek under your bedsheets. (Just prepare to get pounced on!) Even small pets can get in on the fun—go ahead, race your rabbit across the living room, or play peek-a-boo with your ferret in their tunnel.

As long as you’re indulging your playful side, you’ll both get a mental workout and spend some fun quality time together. You don’t even have to keep score. (But you’re an Aries, so we know you will anyway.)

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national day of unplugging

Taurus: Have a Spa Night

If “sweatpants and self-care” sounds like your perfect Saturday night, you might be a Taurus. This earth sign is committed to all things comfortable and restorative. You know what that means: spa night!

Go ahead, open that cabinet full of fancy bath products—of course you have one—then pick out some relaxing products and spend the night pampering yourself. And bring your pet along for the spa journey, too, by giving them a massage, brushing their fur, moisturizing their paws, or even a calming bath (if they’re the type of pet who finds baths calming, that is).

This chill time together will help you both feel your best, and it’s the perfect way for ultra-devoted Taureans to show their pets how loved they are.

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national day of unplugging

Gemini: Exchange Gifts

Geminis are the great communicators of the zodiac, and one of their favorite love languages is giving gifts. Why? Well, it might be partly (mostly?) because of the effusive thank-yous they receive in return—this sign loves attention, after all—but it’s also because they’re naturally affectionate creatures who want their loved ones to know how much they care.

So put down your phone (we know it’s hard!) and pick up a gift for your pet that’s over-the-top, lavish and larger-than-life, just like your love for your animal bestie. Whether it’s a sparkly designer collar, five-story cat tree or quirky new décor for your lizard’s habitat, your pet is sure to love the extra attention. And yes, Gemini, we promise you’ll be repaid in cuddles and kisses.

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national day of unplugging

Cancer: Watch the Sunrise

Sensitive and sentimental, Cancers love escaping into nature to dream their big dreams—and, let’s be honest, to take a break from sympathizing with other people. Feeling everybody else’s feelings all the time can be exhausting! For this emotional sign, there’s no better way to start the day than watching the sunrise, letting the beauty of nature draw you out of your everyday worries.

Hey, you know who else is really great at distracting you from your troubles? Your pet, of course. So bring them along for the adventure, too, whether it’s hiking to the perfect vantage point at a nearby park or just settling into the chairs on your balcony. No matter where you watch the sun rise, it’ll be more meaningful with your pet by your side.

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national day of unplugging

Leo: Play a Sport

Leos are natural-born leaders—confident, assertive and talented at anything they put their mind to. There’s nothing they love more than leading a team to victory. So if you’re a Leo, sports is a natural outlet for all your take-charge energy.

Think of yourself as the team captain of your favorite sport, gather your friends for a pick-up game, and invite your pet to play, too. Dogs can run alongside you as you kick a soccer ball or rush to the end zone for a touchdown, and they also make great “bat dogs” during baseball games.

Is your pet not the sporting type? Maybe they’d be happier cheering for you from the sidelines (even if their version of cheering looks suspiciously like napping). Either way, you’ll both get some fresh air and have an exciting new experience together—and if we know you, Leo, you’ll return home with bragging rights, too.

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national day of unplugging

Virgo: Have a Fashion Show

Marie Kondo has nothing on your typical Virgo, whose organized nature and attention to detail keeps their closet expertly curated at all times. Those traits also make Virgos experts in the field of fashion, perfecting every look down to the tiniest accessory. You might be used to sharing your #OOTD on Instagram, but on the National Day of Unplugging, make time to explore your fashion options with an audience of one: your pet.

If they like wearing clothes, test out some matching outfits or color-coordinated styles. If they’re not into modeling, try some new clothing combos from your own wardrobe, then watch their reaction to determine if your look is ready for the outside world.

You’re guaranteed to have some hilarious runway moments. Plus, without the pressure of sharing your looks on social media, you might be inspired to experiment with something a little edgier than your usual buttoned-up attire. Not that you won’t still look expertly styled, of course—that Virgo perfectionism runs deep.

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national day of unplugging

Libra: Write in Your Journal

Worldly and intellectual, Libras have plenty of big, important thoughts—but as the peacemakers of the zodiac, they usually keep them bottled up. (What if those strong opinions start a fight?) This National Day of Unplugging is an ideal time to gather your courage and let it all out—in the privacy of your own journal, of course.

Go ahead, put all your biggest dreams and intense feelings on the page, ideally with your cat in your lap or dog by your side for moral support. If you really want to feel heard, read your words out loud to your pet and take their head tilts and tail waves as signs of agreement. They might not know what you’re talking about, but they have your back no matter what, and that’s the important thing.

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national day of unplugging

Scorpio: Have a Movie Marathon

Scorpios live their lives like the main character in a psychological thriller: moody, dramatic and fearless. When it’s time to relax and recharge, a movie can help them escape into someone else’s world for awhile.

So settle in on the couch with your furry friend, fire up Netflix—on your TV, of course, since you won’t be using your phone or computer—and press play on that true crime documentary you’ve been meaning to watch. Or maybe that vintage horror flick you heard about on a Reddit chain. Any drama with the word “intense” in its description works too.

What can you say? Your tastes are, well, dark. Good thing you have your pet snuggled in at your side to keep things bright. (Well, bright-ish—you’re still a Scorpio after all.)

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national day of unplugging

Sagittarius: Go Hiking

What’s a Sagittarius’s favorite place? Anywhere they haven’t been yet. This sign is a fearless explorer with equal parts curiosity and energy, and there’s no better place to find adventure than the great outdoors. So leash up your dog or cat—yes, cats can hike—and hit the trail.

Hiking is an excellent way to breathe some fresh air, get a little exercise and unplug in beautiful natural surroundings. Plus, it’s especially great for Sagittarians who can’t wait to find out what’s over the next mountain (literally). Just remember to pack all the things both you and your pet will need on your journey—find them all here.

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national day of unplugging

Capricorn: Have a Jam Session

As the most responsible sign in the zodiac, Capricorns are serious self-control gurus. But sometimes, even the most reserved Caps need to let loose. A jam session with your favorite pet is just the thing to help you unplug from your to-do list and let your hair down.  If you’re a musician—and there’s a good chance that you are; you definitely have the commitment and tenacity to master an instrument—bring it out and get ready to play. If not, get creative—sing, clap your hands, stomp your feet, use a kitchen pot as a drum, whatever. Then call your pet to you and make up a song about them on the spot. They can even play along with you if they have a toy that squeaks or crinkles!

Sure, it’ll be silly, and it might not sound all that great, either. But perfection isn’t the point—it’s about letting go of your worries and having fun with your furry friend. Don’t worry, your responsibilities will still be there when you’re done.

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national day of unplugging

Aquarius: Take a Photoshoot

Aquarians take the word “unique” to a whole new level. Known for their eccentricities, the typical Aquarius is an original thinker and a true artist—one who finds their deepest inspiration in their loved ones, like their pets. So naturally, the best way for them to unplug is to create channel their creativity with their best animal friend by their side.

Take your pet and your camera—not your phone camera (because you’re unplugged, remember?), but a traditional camera or even one of the old-school disposables— to a place that inspires you: a park, a neighborhood, a pet-friendly museum, or even your own backyard.

Then, let your pet be your muse and snap a series of artful photos. Not only will you be flexing your creative muscles (always a favorite pastime), but you’ll be preserving memories with your pet that’ll serve as inspiration for years to come.

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national day of unplugging

Pisces: Do a Puzzle

Pisceans have a unique ability to escape reality. In fact, there’s a good chance we’ll catch you daydreaming halfway through this paragraph! But hey, that’s just who you are: a compassionate, intuitive person who sometimes gets lost inside their own head. For you, the best way to unplug is with a mindful task that keeps you in the present moment: a puzzle.

Focusing on a puzzle helps keep your mind from wandering, and is linked to improved short-term memory and problem-solving skills. When you and your pet play with a puzzle toy, they get added benefits as well, including mental exercise and reduced stress and anxiety. Think of it as a way to narrow your focus, both for your own well-being as well as your pet’s.

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Putting down your phone and stepping away from your computer can do wonders for your wellness, whether it’s the National Day of Unplugging or any other day of the year. So take these zodiac-inspired suggestions and go make some memories with your pet. Happy unplugging!

Zodiac illustrations via Nagiev.


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