13 Funniest Cat Videos of 2019

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13 Funniest Cat Videos of 2019

13 Funniest Cat Videos of 2019

Since the dawn of time, or whenever cats first started roaming the earth and randomly knocking things off countertops, felines have been extremely difficult to predict. This is what makes them so fascinating (and hilarious) to study. And where better to start than with the funniest cat videos of 2019?

Even if we can’t unlock the secrets in some of these kitties’ minds, let’s just agree that cats are wonderfully weird and fully embrace their wonderful weirdness. Our compilation of the funniest cat videos of 2019 definitely showcases that, at least!

Enjoy the top funny cat videos below. (We’re already wondering what funny cat videos 2020 will hold!)



Queen of the Cushioned Throne

It should come as no surprise that a cat named Khaleesi has taken it upon herself to steal the largest and best seat in the house—much to the chagrin of the actual owner of said seat, her dog sister, Maui. In this video shared on Maui’s Instagram page, you can see that no matter how far poor Maui tugs the bed across the room, Khaleesi won’t budge.

 If only Maui would just bend the knee...



Sizing Up the Competition

When you’re used to getting all the attention, it’s not easy to share the spotlight. So, when Jasper (@fancy.boy.jasper) saw his reflection in the mirror for the first time, he was not psyched about it, understandably so. Thinking his reflection was another cat, he apparently decided that there’s only room for one adorable ball of floof per household. We feel you, Jasper!



There Are Two Types of Cats

Some cats are quiet and constantly appear pensive. Some cats have random bursts of energy and seem to defy gravity entirely. In the house of @luka_and_kenya, Luka is the former and Kenya is the latter. And we can only assume the humans who own them are constantly clutching their stomachs with laughter because, wow.



A Master Class in Relaxation

Many of us humans have no chill. We are often overworked, stressed and always scrolling to the point that we have trouble really relaxing.

Yves The Cat does not have this problem, as evidenced in this video on his Instagram, @yves_the_cat. Take notes, mere mortals, as this floofy king lounges in a baby swing, spread eagle, wearing sunglasses and giving zero cares. This is a whole mood.



Pickles Does Not Want to Watch You Eat

Pickles is a simple cat. Pickles eats with his mouth, walks with his hands and doesn’t understand why humans would do it any differently. So when his owner, @nathanthecatlady, eats with a fork, Pickles is right there to knock the food clean off, because, “Why would you need these complex tools when you have teeth, you fool!”



Multi-Talented Musical Genius

To the casual observer, Nyannian (@nyannian_neko) seems like your average cat. He naps, plays with cat toys, etc. But he can also eat noodles out of a bowl using chopsticks, rock bunny ears, and even play a little ditty on the flute! The last three are all made possible with the help of adorable doodles Nyannian’s cat parents add to his Instagram videos, BUT STILL. They are impressive and so entertaining.



When Your World Gets Turned Upside Down

For @holyeevy, it was a perfectly normal day... until the human whose lap she was sitting on failed to hold onto her as she relaxed upside down. Come ON, Susan. You had one job!

Even though Eevy eventually slid off and did an unexpected tumble, she landed on her feet. Of course.



Privacy, Please

Setting boundaries is an important part of any relationship. And this isn’t an exclusive mindset to humans, apparently, because Mr. Whippy is very serious about his alone time. So serious, in fact, that he has learned how to shut the door to keep his noisy human roommates out. Good for you, @mrwhippycat!



Hard Pass

Cats know what they like and, more importantly, they know what they absolutely detest. In Ginger’s case, the latter includes butter chicken, apparently. In a video shared on her Instagram, @gingersgagreel, Ginger is seen taking a whiff of butter chicken sauce on a wooden spoon, then dramatically gagging at the scent. Ginger deserves an Oscar.



Cooper Makes His Own Bubbles

When whatever higher power you believe in gives you lemons, you make lemonade! Cooper the Sphynx cat (@sphynxnille) applies this same kind of logic to everyday life. Like when Dad forgets to add bubbles to the bath, for example (*cough*), he makes his own bubbles by lightly slapping the top of the water! Sometimes you just have to improvise.



Somebody's Watching Me

Most people understand that making eye contact for a short period of time is fine, but there comes a point where you need to break that contact, lest you come across like a total creeper. Cats? This social construct is a bit lost on them.

Which is why @thatcatbobbie can often be found staring at her owner with those crazy cat eyes of hers, like it’s the most normal (and not at all unsettling) thing in the world.



Ethel Trusts No Tail

The key to survival is knowing what’s behind you at all times, and becoming familiar with your surroundings. So, when Ethel of @thehenryandethel notices something behind her, she attacks immediately—despite the fact that it’s her own tail. But when a real threat approaches, you can bet Ethel will be ready! (If she’s not still fighting with her behind.)



The Keeper of Soda

We’re the first to admit that many of the top funny cat videos make absolutely no sense—and this is one of them.

Baby Kenshin of @kitty.chloeykenshin seems to have appointed himself the protector of soda, specifically, bottles of Coke, and takes his job very seriously. The moment a human hand gets anywhere near his bottle collection, he swats it away. For what purpose? Who knows. But it’s a marvelous sight to behold.

Trying to get inside the mind of a cat is a lot like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube—the moment things start to make sense, you’re somehow back to square one.

It’s best to adore the cats of the world for what they are: enigmatic creatures who make extremely funny cat videos.

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