Funniest Dog Videos of 2018

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Funniest Dog Videos of 2018

Even though 2018 is coming to a close, at least we have some of the funniest dog videos in history to enjoy! Dogs got extra silly this year, probably because they could tell we could use an extra giggle or two. And because technology is getting more and more sophisticated, dog parents caught their comical pups on camera and shared them online for the world to see.

We’ve compiled 11 of the funniest dog videos of 2018 for your viewing pleasure.

Below is a breakdown of the hilarity in each video. As you ring in the New Year, take a moment to LOL at these goofy dog antics.

1. Dog Attacks Water

Dogs drinking water out of hoses is usually good for a laugh, and this video doesn’t disappoint. In a video shared on Twitter by @JabinSerene, Serene is watering her plants until she’s interrupted by her thirsty pup, Taylor. But instead of just opening up wide to take a drink, Taylor thinks repeatedly chomping down on the stream of water is a much more effective method of hydration. Hey, you do you, Taylor.

2. Hangry Pup


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When that hangry feeling hits, you better get some food in your belly before your wrath slips out. Apparently, dogs understand this relatable human feeling all too well. In a video shared on Instagram, @marutheshiba walks over to her food bowl, picks it up in her mouth, and tosses it across the floor. You can almost hear her shout, “Where’s my kibble at, hooman?”

3. Peanut Butter Nose


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Dogs + peanut butter = endless entertainment. This winning equation never fails. And this video of @charlie_the_golden18 takes it up a notch when Charlie’s mom gives him a spoonful of peanut butter and plops a dollop on his nose. He can’t quite reach it, but he can reach it enough to keep licking until the end of time. Amazing.

4. Just Hanging Around


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Dogs are better than people. This has always been, and will always be true. Part of that is because of the endless beauty they find in the little things. Take this Instagram video of a dog named Macaroni, for example. At first, you think it’s just a video of plants soaking up the sun outside. But… wait for it… Macaroni takes center stage at the end with his huge goofy grin while he rocks back and forth in a hammock. It. Is. Everything.

5. Ear Meds for All

Most dogs appreciate routines, and since they’re pack-oriented, they like doing things together. So it makes sense that when a dog named Cache sees his canine sister receive ear medicine, he assumes he needs it, too. This dog video shared on Twitter by @chloecopley_05 of the two cute dogs going through their ear medication routine together is the kind of pure goodness the world needs right now.

6. Big Jump

“Woah! That step is huge”- Winne 8wk old Cav from r/aww

How does the quote go? “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for puppykind.” That’s it, right? Well, it should be, because this video shared on Reddit by @Luna_George of a pupper overestimating the size of a step down from the deck onto the lawn is one for the history books. Look at that leap!

7. Car Ride Snooze

My sister’s dog fell asleep on the drive home from the park. from r/gifs

Your brain feels fuzzy. Your eyelids get heavy. Then your head snaps up and you realize you nodded off before dramatically regaining consciousness. It’s always embarrassing, because there’s no way to be smooth about it. And who knew dogs could relate?!

In a video shared on Reddit by user @youaread, a dog falls asleep while sitting up in a car, flops to the side, and then wakes up mid-fall all like, “I wasn’t sleeping! I was just resting my eyes!” It’s a masterpiece.

8. Doggo Wants Attention

when doggo wants my attention from r/aww

When you want attention and you’re just not getting it, sometimes you have to resort to drastic or extremely adorable measures. And for this dog, it’s the latter. In a video shared on Reddit by user @hamin14, a dog stands on its hind legs and does the paw-waving, ”Please, mister!” begging thing until the human acknowledges the cuteness on display.

9. Dog Goes for a Swing

Doug the dog suffers from a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out), particularly when his human is on the swings. In a funny animal video shared on Twitter by @erinfoster76, Doug jumps up on his human, Erin, while she’s on the swing and climbs right into her lap so he can join in on the fun. Doug is not a lap dog. In fact, he’s a large breed pup of 87 pounds! It’s hilarious—and precious—to see him fumble and flop onto Erin’s lap as they swing back and forth in all their awkward and adorable glory.

10. Dog Is Really Into His Movie


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A post shared by Dex The Dog (@sexie_dexie) on

You know when you’re watching a movie and the lead character does something stupid and you just can’t help but yell at the TV? It’s a perfectly natural human reaction. And apparently, it’s not exclusive to humans. In a video posted to his Instagram account @sexie_dexie, real life dog Dexter barks at one of the cartoon dogs in his favorite movie, “The Secret Life of Pets,” just before the dog gets caught. Of course we have no way of knowing what Deter is saying, but we think it’s something along the lines of “Run!” and “What are you doing?!”

11. Broccoli Dance


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What food would you do a choreographed routine for? A burrito? A bucket of mashed potatoes? A stack of pizzas? See, those are all common choices for coveted snacks. But Moxie is not common. Not even a little bit. And in a video shared on her Instagram page, @moxiethetoller, she does a series of tricks and cute doggy dance moves all for a piece… of broccoli. There’s no one else quite like you, Moxie. Don’t ever change.

No matter what else happened to each of us this year, it’s comforting to know that watching these funny dogs be silly probably extended our life expectancy. And who knows what 2019 will bring? But if the adorable antics of dogs in 2018 is any indication, we’re in for lots of laughs and tons of cuteness.

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