The 14 Best Funny Dog Videos of 2019

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The 14 Best Funny Dog Videos of 2019

The 14 Best Funny Dog Videos of 2019

It’s a shame dogs have no idea how silly they are. Then again, if they knew, maybe they wouldn’t share their hilarious shenanigans so freely with us humans. This year was chock-full of funny dog videos, starring some truly gifted pups who, frankly, should really be celebrities by now. Some are natural comedians, and some are so talented in drama that Meryl Streep should be taking notes. But all of them deserve to be strutting the red carpet—with a bucket full of treats waiting for them at the end.

Here are the best funny dog videos of 2019.



Gates Are Hard

Big dogs are rarely aware of their size. So, when Zeus, AKA @london_malamute, saw his little brother Noodle walk through an opening in a dog gate, he thought, I can fit, too, right?

Spoiler alert: He did not fit. But he’s trying his best, OK?



Biggest Fan of Fall

Pumpkin-spice lattes! Cozy sweaters! Apple cider! These are the best parts of autumn for humans. But for a dog named Stella, the best part of fall is giant piles of leaves for her to run toward at full speed, and dive into head-first. It’s safe to say Stella doesn’t do anything halfway.



Po Hunts Tail

Po the Fluffy Chow is on a mission. He is determined to 1) locate his tail, and 2) attack it! In this video shared on Instagram, he gets so, so close. But before he closes in on his target, he does the floofiest flop on the floor you’ve ever seen and decides to take a break.

Next time, Po. Next time.



The Opposite of Camera Shy

When Tofu the Corgi enters a room, everyone takes notice. And that’s because Tofu runs as fast as possible on her short Corgi legs and then slides across the floor—sometimes directly into a camera—like in this video shared on Instagram. She certainly knows how to make an entrance.



No Two Howls Are Alike

We all have a basic idea of how it sounds when dogs or wolves howl. But much like fingerprints, no two howls are exactly the same. Some howls sound as mellifluous as Adele, and some sound more like a gremlin learning how to belch the alphabet. The howl of Piper, AKA @silverservicedog is … well, somewhere between the former and the latter. But it’s still beautiful, of course.



Short Puppy Problems

Life is tough when you’re a tiny tot. For @mishkachow, most things are out of reach, and climbing over the smallest obstacle can feel like trekking up Everest. Which is probably why, when she tried climbing over a doorway, and her adorably floofy back legs got caught, she just gave up. Why not?



And the Oscar Goes to...

Jack is not a fan of nail clippers. Not many dogs are. But Jack takes his disdain for this sanitary tool 800 steps further by pretending to pass the heck out when his owner attempts to clip his nails, as seen in this video shared on Instagram by @aashin_khosla. His dedication to this reaction is truly stunning, and he deserves all the awards and acclaim. Give this dog an EGOT!



If Finn Fits, He Sits

We need to talk about the unwavering patience of big sisters with their little brothers. The perfect example of this is the video of @goldengirl_xena, blissfully lounging on the cool floor, and her little brother doggo named Finn, who interrupts her slumber by literally sitting on her head. Does she get mad? Does she toss him off of her? Nope and nope. She just lets her baby bro get all cozy on her face. A saint, Xena is.



Part Dog, Part Dinosaur

A truly mind-blowing discovery has been made! We must alert the science community! Because @_bronsonthebully is clearly not your average dog. When he runs down the stairs, he transforms into a velociraptor hunting for fresh meat. (Except that Bronson is a lover, not a carnivorous monster, obviously.)



Dog Broken

Avery is an animated, fluffy ball of sunshine. But one day, he experienced the dog equivalent of that pesky rainbow wheel spinning on your computer screen: Everything just shut down. As you can see in this Instagram video by @the_adventures_of_avery, Avery broke. His face is smooshed against the glass and just… stays that way.

No need to worry, though. He’s been rebooted and seems to be operating just fine now.



Clap Them Feets

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But first of all, age is just a number, thankyouverymuch. And second of all, dogs are capable of learning tricks anytime they choose—with a big emphasis on choose.

Colt chose to show off a new trick of his own recently. In a video shared on Instagram by @coltpursuit, Colt decides to start clapping his back feet together. Maybe this is Colt’s take on a twerk? Whatever it is, it’s magnificent.



Where's Kona?

It’s not easy to spot an angel in a pile of freshly fallen snow. That’s why it takes a second to find Kona in this Instagram video by @goldenkonabear.

But even when you do see him, Kona would appreciate it if you played along and pretend you still can’t see him. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.



Go Back to Bed, Dad

The whole point of the snooze button is to stay in bed a little longer, ignoring the need to get up and start the day. Humans are programmed to follow this general rule. Dogs are too, apparently, because when Dad’s alarm goes off in the morning, Winston, AKA @___winst.a.gram___, is quick to hit the snooze. When Winston wants snoozles, Winston gets snoozles.



A Hilarious Nightmare

You might think there are tons of incredible dog Halloween costumes to choose from for your pup. But for Romeo the Frenchie (@romeo_1015), one costume stood far above the rest. Watch him running around in a Chuckie costume for a minute and tell me there’s a better and more hilarious costume that exists out there in the world. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

And that’s a wrap on the best funny dog videos of 2019. If this year’s lineup of adorable, furry goofballs is any indication, 2020 is going to be a year full of fun and giggles. Remember to keep a camera on your pup at all times, because you never know when hilarity will ensue!

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