Funny Feline Alert: These Are the Best Cat Videos of 2020

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Funny Feline Alert: These Are the Best Cat Videos of 2020
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Funny Feline Alert: These Are the Best Cat Videos of 2020

If there’s one silver lining of the past year, it’s that we all got to spend more time at home with our pets. And if you’re a cat parent, that meant you had a way better chance of catching your furry friend doing something hilarious. Cats just might be the quirkiest creatures in the animal kingdom. Don’t believe us? Watch these 16 funny cat videos and try to keep a straight face. From a kitty who moves like a fish to one fierce feline on the runway, these are the best cat videos of 2020.
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1 Hands Up

Sing with us in your best Lionel Richie voice: Hello? Is it cats you’re looking for? If the answer is yes, then wave back at Stevie Bean and her mama, who are totally in sync when it comes to funny cat video hand choreography.
Courtesy of @rover_thecat

2 You Better Work

Step aside, Kendall Jenner—there’s a new supermodel on the scene. This cat owns the runway with a sassy attitude and perfect tail posture. Who else could make a cloak of dangling mice look this good? After watching this video of Rover showing off this fierce cat cape—in addition to his other 'meowdel-ing' videos—we may start referring to catwalks as “Roverwalks.”
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3 Tongue Bath

Sure, drinking water out of your bowl is fine. But all the cool cats and kittens know that the best way to stay hydrated is to lick fresh droplets of shower water from their humans’ plastic curtain. Dart in there right after they shower and you’ll get the added benefits of a steam room. Watch this funny cat video to learn how to truly live your best life.
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4 Splash Time

There are cats who hate water. There are cats who love water. And then there’s this cat, who seems not to notice there’s water pouring out of the faucet and onto their head. Whatever this fearless feline sees at the bottom of that plastic jug must be pretty special.
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5 Stranded

Poor little kitty, trapped outside. All this tragic creature wants to do is come in! Won’t anybody help? Wait, what’s that? The door’s already open, you say? This stubborn kitty could stroll right in at literally any time he chooses? Oh. OK then.
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6A Real Workout

We all know that we should be exercising more—hitting the gym, or getting out for a lunchtime walk, or doing literally anything other than falling face-down onto the sofa and spending our evenings double-tapping Instagram pics of cute animals. This cat named Happy seems to feel that struggle. He starts his DIY workout strong, but when that feels like it's too much, he just sprawls out on his stomach and does what he can from there. It’s OK, Happy. You’re doing your best.
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7The Cutest Turndown Service

According to Guinness World Records, the world record for the "Fastest Bed Making By an Individual" is one minute and 9 seconds, set in 2018 by a hotel housekeeper in Hong Kong. Although that's impressive, it's maybe slightly less adorable than this video of a cat named Charlot doing his best to, um, “help” his human make the bed. Although this is a time-lapse clip, we're assuming that it took roughly six days in real time.
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8Vroom Vroom

Knowing how to make an entrance is one of life’s greatest skills, and this cat is way ahead of the game on this one. Just watch as he sails through the doorway like a combination of Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” and one of the stunt cars from “The Fast and the Furious.” Stay slidey, little friend.
Courtesy of @catsdoingthings

9Here, Fishy Fishy

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a fish? This ginger cat certainly has. He’s watching them intently, almost as if taking notes, and then he even tries out a few fishy moves of his own. Pro tip, kitty: Swimming is a lot easier when you’re in the water.
Courtesy of @eveysprettythings

10Cupboard Trouble

You're alone in the house when you hear it for the first time, that mysterious rattling coming from the kitchen. Is it the restless ghost of the previous owner? An unseen spirit, trying to communicate a message from the Great Beyond? Or just a cat named Pebbles who wants you to open a cabinet door? Some of life's mysteries will never be solved … but this isn't one of them.

11Boxed Out

According to their human, Aspen (the white cat) and Benny (the gray shorthair) are more reluctant housemates than best mates. So when Aspen got a little too curious while he investigated a cardboard box, you just imagine what Benny was thinking. (It's probably a combination of "Wait, is he really gone?" and "TELL ME HE'S REALLY GONE.")
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Most cats are able to jump the equivalent of five times the length of their body. This cat politely agreed to demonstrate that by launching himself from the back of a kitchen chair onto his unsuspecting human friend’s back. She appears startled by the cat’s sudden appearance between her shoulder blades, but she really should be flattered—this is essentially the feline equivalent of a trust exercise.
Courtesy of @dunkindonutcat

13Self-Care for Cats

Sometimes at the end of a long day, you just want to run a hot bath, slip into the tub and relax with a good book. And sometimes, you just want to climb into the empty tub, chase your tail until you get dizzy, and then get distracted by something else. You can guess which approach Donut, an almost-year-old British shorthair takes––and you can also guess whether or not that's cuter than watching us bathe.


First, can we just take a sec to appreciate what a glorious name Farrah Pawcett is? Farrah is a Sphynx cat whose closet is filled with an enviable number of costumes, and she's also fiercely determined to get the treat at the bottom of this container. In this clip (which has some Oscar-worthy camerawork), she refuses to quit until she comes up with the snack she's been promised.

15Bedtime Antics

For some cats, beds are a place to relax, rest and lie still. For Felix, a bed is a place to squirm, to writhe around, then throw your paws in the air like you just don’t care. It’s also a place to jump up like you just saw a ghost, arch your back, and sniff the sheets suspiciously. Does it make for a funny cat video? Sure—but it’s no weirder than that turning-around thing dogs do before they lay down.
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Everybody loves a standing ovation, especially when it’s coming from this adorable kitten enthusiastically clapping his little paws. OK, so he’s not really clapping for you—he’s just trying to catch his toy—but if you ignore the part of the screen where that toy is dangling, you can pretend he’s just really proud of you for making it through the past year.

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