9 Funniest Cat Videos of 2018

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9 Funniest Cat Videos of 2018

This was a year packed to the gills with some of the funniest cat videos ever. You probably thought nothing could ever top Keyboard Cat, but 2018 has brought us many hilarious contenders.

And sure, dogs are known as the class clowns of the animal world, but cats are funny in a completely different way. They exude confidence and sass in every movement, so their style of comedy is more subtle, deadpan and, well, unexpected.

We’ve compiled the funniest cat videos of 2018 for your viewing pleasure.

Below, we’ve broken down the hilarity in each clip. So, as you ring in 2019, take a moment to chuckle at these funny cats caught on camera.

1. Cats Fight Over Exercise Wheel

Sibling rivalry runs deep, and when one gets to do something fun that the other can’t, tensions are bound to rise. That’s exactly what happened in a funny cat video shared on Instagram by @spicethebengal. A cat named Lele is running inside a large exercise wheel and gets constantly interrupted by her cat brother, Spice, biting her feet. Lele gives Spice a soft tap on the noggin’ as a warning, but that doesn’t stop him from pressing on. So Lele goes faster, and Spice bites harder, and around and around the cycle goes.

2. Cat vs. Tiny Box

Cats love boxes. They seem endlessly fascinated by them, no matter the size. A cat named Casper is determined to sit in a tiny cardboard box in this video posted on his Instagram page, @caspar.and.ellie. You know what they say: If it fits, I sits! And we guess this counts at fitting?

3. Self-Care Kitty

Self care is the key to balancing hectic daily schedules. Even though cats rarely have hectic schedules—quite the opposite, in fact—they still need to squeeze in some “me time” too. A cat named Eric has mastered self care, as clearly shown in a video shared on Instagram by @eric_and_ollie_. In the video, Eric lounges in his cat-sized bed, as his assistant… er, human, places a tiny sheet mask on his smooshed face, and then proceeds to massage his fluffy front paws. We are officially jealous.

4. Wine Guard

We’re getting dangerously close to the day cats take over the world. How do we know? Well, there’s a cat named Wrigley who has deemed himself keeper of the wine in his household. In this video shared on his Instagram page (@wrigley.the.cat), Wrigley sits next to the wine rack and bats his human’s hand away when they go to reach for a bottle. First, he takes control of the alcohol. Next, the universe.

5. Cat Hitches a Ride

Clyde is one smart kitteh. He knows just how precious his energy is and refuses to waste an ounce of it walking from one room to the next. Instead of using his furry feet, this cat video shared on Instagram by @bonnienclydekitties, shows him being dragged in a laundry basket by a remote-controlled toy car, and then sitting on a storage container being pushed by a different toy car, and then being pulled around in another container. Good for you, Clyde.

6. Puss and Boots

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your personal style is — when you see a pair of fabulous boots, you stop and admire them. That’s certainly what Bella the cat did in a video shared on her Instagram page (@bellabritish). In the video, her human wears a gorgeous pair of red booties, as Bella gazes at them from a couple feet away. When Bella’s owner moves her feet closer, Bella just can’t handle the level of fabulosity and does a weird jump-leap that only a feline lover of boots could do. We agree, Bella. They are magnificent.

7. Ready for Bed

Pets appreciate routines. They like knowing what time they’ll be fed, what time you’ll leave for the day, and what time they can snuggle in bed with you. And for a cat named George, bedtime is a very important part of the day. In a video shared on Instagram by @tinaf78, George is lying in bed, like a person, with the covers pulled back when his human enters the room. He looks at her like, “This is my spot, Mom.”

8. Terrible Study Buddy

Cats can sense when you’re in a productive mood, and they thoroughly enjoy being a major distraction. Lola (@lololacat) proves just how skilled she is at this in a video shared on Instagram that shows her being the WORST study buddy ever. As her human attempts to highlight key sections of a paper, Lola decides that the highlighter is her new toy and bats it around between bites. Come on, Lola!

9. Self Stalker

There are just some things you never get used to. And for Maverick the cat, seeing himself in the mirror is one of those things. A video of him being creeped out by his own reflection was shared on his Instagram page (@lonekoala), and it’s hilarious how suspicious he is of the cat looking back at him. He sees this other creature as an intruder to be wary of, a potential nemesis to defeat, and definitely not a face he’s seen before — even though he has. Maverick, it’s you!

Can you believe our social media timelines were blessed with this many funny cats? It’s becoming increasingly clear that we do not deserve cats, but hopefully they keep us chuckling nonstop all the way into 2020!

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