BeChewy’s March Calendar: 31 Ways to Spring Into a New Season With Your Pet

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BeChewy’s March Calendar: 31 Ways to Spring Into a New Season With Your Pet

Welcome to March, the month that marks the beginning of spring—and if you’re anything like us, you’ve been looking forward to this all winter long. So long, frigid dog walks! Hello, pet-friendly picnic season! The ways to make the most of this month are nearly endless, so use our free printable calendar of spring-themed activities, wellness reminders and holidays to schedule as much fun with your pet as possible.

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31 Things to Do With Your Pet This March

March 1

Make these peanut butter "mousse" pies for your pup to celebrate National Peanut Butter Lover's Day.

March 2

It's International Rescue Cat Day! Volunteer or donate to help cats in your community.

March 3

Spend the day unplugging with your pet—according to their zodiac sign.

March 4

Bring the outdoors inside with pet-safe spring plants.

March 5

Is it time to refill your pet's monthly flea and tick medication? Stock up now!

March 6

Easter is about a month away, so start planning your pet's Easter basket now.

March 7

It's rainy season! Protect your pup with a chic raincoat.

March 8

Honor these female veterinary trailblazers on International Women's Day.

March 9

It's the full moon—will your dog be inspired to howl? Find out why.

March 10

It's always a good idea to have a pet sitter on call. Here's how to find a great one.

March 11

Is your pet getting enough protein? Learn more here, then talk to your vet for guidance.

March 12

Daylight Saving Time starts today, so prepare for a darker than usual morning walk with these tips.

March 13

Celebrate K-9 Veterans Day by learning about these famous military dogs.

March 14

Prep your pet for March Madness with basketball toys and apparel.

March 15

Bake these perfect-for-spring flower treats for your cat.

March 16

It's National Vaccination Day—find out if your dog is due for a booster.

March 17

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with these green goodies.

March 18

Dognapping is on the rise—find out how to protect your pup.

March 19

It’s National Backyard Day! Prep your backyard for fun dog activities.

March 20

Celebrate the first day of spring by planting a pet-friendly container garden.

March 21

Aries Season starts today—find out what your dog's sign says about their personality.

March 22

Is your dog eating the right diet for their life stage? Find out when to switch between puppy, adult and senior food.

March 23

Celebrate National Puppy Day with a selfie! (And tag us @chewy, obvs.)

March 24

It's Tick Bite Prevention Week, aka a great time to brush up on ways to avoid those pesky bugs.

March 25

Springtime means spring cleaning! Try our tips for managing your pet's fur.

March 26

It's National Spinach Day, so add some leafy greens to your diet—and your dog's.

March 27

Refresh your pet's closet with the latest spring trends.

March 28

Have you planned a 2023 vacation yet? Consider these dog-friendly destinations.

March 30

Spring = picnic season, so get out there with your pup!

March 31

Splurge on a great-smelling dog shampoo to ward off that wet dog smell.

Of course, you don’t have to do everything on our monthly calendar. (Life gets busy, we know!) If you have time for just a few special moments with your pet this month, add these adventures to your to-do list:
And don't forget to celebrate these March holidays!

The fun doesn’t stop here—we’ll be back next month with more ways to make the most of your time with your pet. Looking for more exciting things to do in the month of March? We’ve got you covered:



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