Recycle Your Chewy Shipping Box Into Christmas Ornaments

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recycled diy christmas decorations: Chewy box Christmas ornament DIY
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Recycle Your Chewy Shipping Box Into Christmas Ornaments

Looking for recycled DIY Christmas decoration ideas? Here's a quick and easy project to recycle your Chewy shipping box to create a unique Christmas tree ornament!

We've provided a downloadable template of the round ornament you see above to get you started. All you need are some very basic craft supplies and you will be on your way to a handmade holiday that also puts those boxes to further good use.

Happy holidays!

How to Recycle Your Chewy Shipping Box into Ornaments



Cardboard (Chewy shipping box)


X-ACTO® knife


Cutting mat


Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks

Ornament template


1 Download template to make a round ornament

Download the Ornament template to make a round ornament (as seen above).

Use a photocopier to size the image larger or smaller in order to get the exact size you would like and then cut out the shape from the paper.

Trace final shape onto the cardboard using a pencil.

2 Cut out the shapes on cardboard

With the shape traced on cardboard, score the edges and then carefully cut out using your sharp craft knife. (A cutting mat is helpful here to protect work surfaces. If you don't have a cutting mat, a thick stack of newspapers can also do the trick.)

Take your time so edges are smooth.

Once you have one piece cut out, use that finished shape to trace onto cardboard to create the second piece.

Cut out second piece.

3 Create the insertion lines

You now have two pieces. On one piece, use ruler and pencil to draw a line from bottom to halfway up; on the second piece from the top to halfway down.

With your craft knife cut each of those lines making sure you cut all the way through.

4 Slide pieces together

You can now slide the two pieces together. They should fit tightly to form a dimensional ornament.

If you find there is any movement, a drop or two of glue should solve the problem.

5 Add a hanger

Cut a length of ribbon or other material to your desired length and then attach to the ornament with a dab of hot glue.

You can also punch a hole into the top of the ornament and insert your ribbon.

That's all there is to it! In about 30 minutes or less you will have an original ornament for your tree and know that you have done the planet a solid by recycling your Chewy shipping box. Warning— once you've created the first ornament you will not want to stop! Next, learn how to dog-proof and cat-proof your Christmas tree.


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