Our Editors’ Picks for the Best Pet Gifts and Gear This Holiday Season

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holiday pet gifts - editors' picks 2021
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Our Editors’ Picks for the Best Pet Gifts and Gear This Holiday Season

The holidays are the perfect time to spoil your pet rotten with special gifts (not like they aren’t doted on all year long, but still…). You know they deserve all the things money can buy and then some, but you don’t quite know what to get. If only someone could help you narrow down the options. Well, your Christmas wish has been answered. BeChewy’s editors are here to make holiday shopping easier for you.

We’ve scoured Chewy’s Holiday Shop and hand-picked an array of pet gifts for all types of furry friends. Some of our favorites evoke nostalgia and remind us of Christmases past. Others are high-tech, seemingly straight out of Christmas future. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal stocking stuffer or something that can provide joy beyond the holidays, you’re sure to find a gift to make Christmas present the best one yet.

Ready to share good cheer with your fur friend? Learn more about our editors’ individual pet gift picks below.

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Kate, Editor in Chief

For Kate, it’s the little things and family traditions that bring the magic of the season to life. From boozy cookie exchanges and old-school mailed Christmas cards to shopping secondhand for a festive wardrobe and cruising the ‘hood for the best Christmas lights, she loves to make the most of every opportunity to celebrate. When it came time to pick her fave pet gifts, she chose smaller items that work back to current home and fashion trends and give small nods to the season, all of which just happen (not so coincidentally) to look fabulous in photos!
holiday pet gifts - small pet hideout

Kaytee Fiddle Sticks Small Animal Hideout

“Add some holiday cheer to your small pet's digs with this vibrant little hideout made of colorful sticks. You can bend it into all sorts of shapes like caves, tunnels and stairways to keep your pet’s brain engaged. Plus it's safe for chewing (better this than your favorite Allbirds).”

Starting at $8.59

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holiday pet gifts - plaid bow tie

Frisco Plaid Dog & Cat Bow Tie

“Tartan plaid is never out of style, but this year, you can find it everywhere from home decor to winter fashion. I love the dapper details and the festive colors, and the easy-on, easy-off design makes it ideal for snapping a quick pic of your pet who might not be zen with a full-on outfit.”


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holiday pet gifts - joyful tee

Frisco Hygge-Inspired Dog & Cat T-shirt

“Do dogs dressed in graphic tees ever get old? What I like about this particular tee is the simple Hygge live-in-the-moment message, the intricate design and the non-traditional colors that make this one that can be worn beyond the holidays. I wish we had this in my size!"

Starting at $9.99

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Steph, Executive Editor

Steph’s picks range from old school to futuristic, and reflect her usual holiday routines: curling up with her cat to watch all the Christmas movies, traveling near and far to see friends and family, and making the most out of the days leading up to Christmas. Though personal to her, they’re also on trend for the season. Retro products that play to nostalgic feels are more popular than ever and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, pet tech is a growing category, with more innovative pet gadgets hitting the market each year.

holiday pet gifts - hide-and-seek dog toy

Frisco Holiday House Hide-and-Seek Puzzle Dog Toy

“This hide-and-seek style dog toy captures all the craziness of Christmas vacation. It’s sure to inspire loads of laughs and plenty of inappropriate movie quotes that we cannot repeat here.”


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holiday pet gifts - gps tracker

Jiobit GPS Dog & Cat Location Monitor

“When I travel with my cat, I use this pet tracker to keep tabs on her whereabouts. I like that it uses cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to monitor her location no matter the distance. It'd make a great gift for pet parents who travel with their pets or who have property for their pets to roam.”


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holiday pet gifts - advent calendar

Frisco Advent Calendar for Cats

“Cats can never have enough toys—they always seem to lose them! (This is your sign to look under the couch for missing toys.) This gift keeps giving, with a new toy for each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Even if one goes missing, there’s still plenty of toys for festive fun.”

Starting at $29.98

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Holiday pet gifts - Ciara's picks

Ciara, Writer & Editor

Ciara hasn’t seen a white Christmas since she moved to sunny South Florida over a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get festive. She loves decorating the whole house, baking holiday goodies, and picking out ugly sweaters for her dog Zeno to model. Whether you’re celebrating beneath a blanket of snow or a palm tree wrapped in Christmas lights, her favorite pet gifts are designed to help you make the most of the season.

holiday pet gifts - first christmas dog toy

Frisco "My First Christmas" Bone Dog Toy

“If you’re one of the many pet parents who added a puppy to your family in 2021, this December marks a special occasion: your first Christmas together. This squeaky toy is designed to elicit maximum cuteness during playtime, and doubles as an adorable prop for holiday photos."


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holiday pet gifts - cat scratcher

Frisco Candy Cane Cat Scratching Post

“Pet toys that double as holiday decor? Count me in. Candy cane stripes turn this cat scratcher into a piece of furniture I’d proudly display alongside the Christmas tree, and its sisal material will stand up to your cat’s claws for many holidays to come.”


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holiday pet gifts - fetch ball

Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball Dog Toy

“Zeno loves to run, so I’m always looking for new ways to help her reach warp speed. This Christmas, she’ll be finding this toy under the tree. I love that I can kick it, so it’ll fly way farther than I can throw other toys. Plus, its unique shape will keep my speedy girl on her toes.”

Starting at $13.00

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No matter what gift you pick, your holiday season will be furry and bright so long as your pet is by your side. And there is no greater gift than that!


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