These Are the Must-Have Pet Gifts Our Editors Are Buying This Holiday Season

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holiday pet gifts - editors' picks
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These Are the Must-Have Pet Gifts Our Editors Are Buying This Holiday Season

The holidays are the perfect time to spoil your pet rotten with special gifts (not like they aren’t doted on all year long, but still…). There’s plenty of dog gift and cat gift ideas out there. If only someone could help you narrow down the options. Well, your Christmas wish has been answered. The Chewy editors are here to make holiday shopping easier for you.

We’ve scoured the site and hand-picked an array of pet gifts for all our furry friends. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal stocking stuffer or something that can provide joy beyond the holidays, you’re sure to find a gift to make this Christmas present the best one yet.

Ready to share good cheer with your fur friend? Learn more about our editors’ individual pet gift picks below.

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Steph, Executive Editor

Cat mom Steph knows how notoriously difficult cats can be to shop for—you never know what may be a hit or miss. She’s leaning on her knowledge of feline faves, prompt meal service and something to scratch. And since she recently moved, a new ID tag for her fur child, Luna.

holiday pet gifts - christmas tree cat house

Petdiary Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder

"Who needs an alarm clock when you have a cat? Luna is sure to alert me when it’s time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The problem is, my life doesn’t always revolve around her feeding schedule (shocking, I know!). An automatic pet feeder ensures she gets fed when I’m not home (or up yet). This one holds 4 liters of dry cat food and allows you to program up to four meals a day in a range of different portion sizes."


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holiday pet gifts - pet camera

Frisco Sunflower Cat Scratching Posts with Lounger

"Cats love to scratch—they need to scratch—and I always have several kinds of scratching posts and boards around for Luna to sink her claws into (lest it be the couch, carpet or the corner of my mattress). This sunflower cat scratching post has me dreaming of warm summer days full of sunshine."


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holiday pet gifts - cat goody box

Trill Paws Call Mom Personalized Cat & Dog ID Tag

"I recently moved and need to update Luna’s pet ID tag and microchip contact info. I have my eye on this cute flip phone tag from Trill Paws. It’s made of scratch resistant enamel, can be customized with our contact info, and packs a lot of personality—just like her!"


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holiday pet gifts - ciara's picks

Ciara, Senior Editor

Dog mom Ciara loves to go all out for the holidays—paw-shaped Christmas stockings, festive-themed DIY treats, the works. This year, she plans to treat her pup Zeno to the finer things in life—while keeping smart spending in mind so the fun can last well into the new year.
holiday pet gifts - plaid bow tie

Nylabone Power Chew Chicken Flavored Dinosaur Dog Chew Toy

"Zeno is a Chihuahua mix, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in chewing power. This Nylabone dinosaur toy is one of the only things that can survive her jaws, so putting a new one under the tree has become a holiday tradition for our family."


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holiday pet gifts - reindeer cat tree

Frisco Eyelash Cat & Dog Bolster Bed

"What’s better than snow on Christmas? Well, if you’re Zeno, a dog who’s spent her whole life in Florida and hates anything wet or cold, this furry snowball of a bed is a huge improvement over the real thing. Its cozy faux fur will keep her warm during our “cold” snaps (aka anything below 60 degrees), and the cover is machine-washable, which will help me keep our home looking and smelling fresh."

Sizes S-XL, starting at $25.67

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holiday pet treats - greenies gingerbread treats

Holiday Goody Box for Small Dogs

"Zeno is a senior pup who’s been spoiled all 13 years of her life, but she still loves the thrill of discovering a new toy or treat. The problem: I have so much trouble deciding which cute thing from Chewy to give her next! So I love that Chewy’s Holiday Goody Box takes the work of decision-making off my plate with this bundle of seasonal treats and festive toys, specially designed for dogs of her size."

$27.99 (also available for medium & large dogs)

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bechewy editors picks holiday pet gifts - kristine's picks

Kristine, Senior Editor

This Christmas, Kristine's 2-year-old pup Odesza is getting all her favorite things: crunchy dog treats (you can never have enough treats), a squeaky puzzle toy (for days hours of fun) and a cozy bandana (for ultimate warmth). OK fine, the bandana is probably not her first pick (I’m sure she’d rather get a stocking full of treats and toys and that’s it), but she sure looks cute in bandanas—and this one from Frisco is super-chic and can be worn all winter long. 

holiday pet gifts - pet stocking

Blue Buffalo Oatmeal & Cinnamon Holiday Santa Snacks, 11-oz bag

"During the holidays, Dez’s favorite kind of treats boast seasonal flavors like cinnamon; and these Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks not only come in fun holiday shapes, like Christmas trees and gingerbread men, but they’re also made with real, good-for-pups ingredients, like carrots and pumpkins."


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holiday pet gifts - pet sweater

Frisco Holiday Milk & Gingerbread Cookies Puzzle Dog Toy

"The beauty of puzzle toys is Dez gets four toys for the price of one. Plus, it keeps her busy while the humans in her family are in the other room cooking and socializing and eating. What she loves about Frisco hide-and-seek puzzle toys, in particular, is they’re soft and plush, making it easy on her mouth–and even easier to pull out of the larger base toy!"


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holiday pet toys - dog toys

Frisco Reversible Faux Fur Pullover Bandana

"Odesza doesn’t have very long fur, so wearing a bandana on her night walks helps keep her warm. I, personally, can’t stop touching this reversible Frisco bandana: It has a silky smooth, suede-like fabric on one side, and a soft-to-the-touch, faux fur fabric on the other. Plus, the colors are perfect for mix-and-matching with her other accessories, like her harness, leash and collar."

Available in sizes XS/S, M/L & XL/2XL, $7.99

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No matter what gift you pick, your holiday season will be furry and bright so long as your pet is by your side. And there is no greater gift than that!

Next, submit a letter to Chewy Claus (on your pet’s behalf!) for a chance to make their holiday dreams come true. Then, watch how Chewy Claus has brought the holiday magic to pets so far.


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