Holiday Bingefest Alert! Here Are the Best Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Pets

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Holiday Bingefest Alert! Here Are the Best Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Pets

During the holidays, nothing beats cozying up with a mug of hot chocolate, a warm blanket, a pet on your lap and a classic Christmas movie on the television. In a year when many of us will be traveling less and staying home more, watching some holiday films with your pet is both a safe and super festive way to enjoy the holidays. And since you’re getting your pet in the spirit too, why not choose a movie to match—a Christmas dog movie for your favorite pup, or a holiday cat flick for a purr-fect snuggle sesh with a furry feline?

No matter who you choose to watch with, these Christmas movies are practically guaranteed to make your holiday season festive and bright. So as the winter weather sets in, grab the popcorn and your favorite PJs, and snuggle up on the couch for one of these holiday favorites.

We’ve even rated them on the following paw-sitive scale for your viewing pleasure:

  • One Paw: It’s a good, light watch and worthy of you pressing play—even if you’re doing something else while watching it, like baking Christmas cookies or wrapping presents.
  • Two Paws: It’s a bona-fide hit and deserving of your undivided attention, so break out the eggnog and curl up on the couch for some quality TV time.
  • Three Paws: Stop. What. You. Are. Doing. And. Watch. This. Right. Meow.

"Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch"

"Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch"
Photo: Illumination
The most recent rendition of Dr. Seuss’ iconic tale, this 2018 movie features the green, curmudgeonly Grinch and everyone’s favorite pup and the Grinch’s trusty sidekick, Max, making it both a classic holiday film as well as an excellent Christmas dog movie. This version of the classic story set in Whoville has several modern-day twists, a good dose of humor and some upbeat tunes. And spoiler alert: It still delivers the same warm, fuzzy moment when you, along with Max, realize that the Grinch’s heart can grow three times as large. If you can’t get enough of the cutest canine resident of Mt. Crumpit, we’d recommend adding the previous iteration of the story, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," to your watchlist too.

How to Watch: Streaming on Apple TV
Rating: Three Paws
Recommended: People who want a paw-sitively heartwarming tale full of whobilation (and pets who know they are really the star of the show).
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"The Nine Lives of Christmas"

"The Nine Lives of Christmas"
Photo: Hallmark

It’s not the holidays until you’ve watched at least one Hallmark Christmas movie. This delightful and lighthearted romantic comedy follows the fireworks that ensue when a firefighter meets a veterinary student after he adopts a stray cat. Yes, the plot line is a bit predictable—that’s part of the charm of Hallmark movies! Plus, the feline best buds of this chick flick, Ambrose and Queenie, make it purrr-fectly worth a watch. Ambrose, the orange tabby, might just steal the show.

How to Watch: Stream on Prime Video
Rating: One Paw
Recommended: People who enjoy a rom-com with a bit of cheesiness and floofy cats. Cats who enjoy knowing they are in control of all human destiny.

"A Charlie Brown Christmas"

"A Charlie Brown Christmas"
The original Peanuts holiday classic, this 1965 movie is timeless with its heartwarming message and cute cartoon characters. Take a trip with Charlie Brown as he learns the true meaning of Christmas, with the help of some friends—both two-legged and four-legged. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the antics of Charlie Brown’s faithful sidekick, Snoopy, who really knows how to decorate a dog house for the holidays.

How to Watch: Streaming on AppleTV+
Rating: Three Paw
Recommended: Anyone in the mood for warm fuzzy feelings. Pets who admire Snoopy’s dog house decorating skills.

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"
Photo: Rankin/Bass Productions
First released in 1964, this iconic film is perhaps one of the best-known Christmas stories. Snuggle up with your pet to cheer on Rudolph and his friends as they save the day one foggy Christmas Eve. Though Rudolph is undoubtedly the hero of this story, your pet might find that Yukon Cornelius and his loveable team of sled dogs steal the show. With timeless Christmas songs and a heartwarming lesson about accepting the differences of others, this Christmas classic is one you can watch again and again.

How to Watch: Stream on VUDU
Rating: Three Paw
Recommended: Viewers who love a timeless Christmas tale. Pets who won’t be afraid of the Abominable Snowman.
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"Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure"

"Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure"
Photo: Universal Pictures
Everyone’s favorite talking St. Bernard is back—this time with a mission to save Christmas. In this humorous, lighthearted romp, Beethoven meets a Christmas elf who has accidentally crashed Santa’s sleigh and lost Santa’s magic toy bag. (And you thought you were having a rough day at work). It’s up to lovable Beethoven and his human buddy, Mason, to come to the rescue. And not to give too much away, but it won’t be an easy task with the greedy bad guys they’re up against!

Rating: Two Paw
Recommended: Pet parents who love imagining what their pet might say if they could talk. Pets who won’t get too many ideas from Beethoven’s shenanigans.
No matter what movie you choose, this holiday season, give yourself the gift of time well-spent with your pet. Watching a Christmas movie with your pet curled on your lap or by your side is sure to be just the dose of holiday cheer that you need.


By: Kristen ArendtUpdated: