Send Some Love with These Pet-Inspired Valentine’s Day e-Cards

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free valentines day ecards - cute animal cards
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Send Some Love with These Pet-Inspired Valentine’s Day e-Cards

Remember the days spent handing out little Valentine’s Day cards to all the kids in your class? The kind you got from the drugstore that came in a pack of 30 and you’d spend an hour picking juuust the right one to give your crush? (Why was it always Simba and Nala from “The Lion King”?) We’re not in elementary school anymore but you can still send a smile to someone special with one of these pet-inspired Valentine’s Day e-cards we created just for you (because we like you, like fur-reals).

Download one of the free Valentine’s Day e-cards below and either text, email or DM it to the one who has your heart—no licking that nasty envelope glue required. Or, attach them to these Valentine's Day cookie grams and pass them out to your pet and all their friends!

1 Your Love Always Hits the Spot

free valentine's day e-cards

Send this cute animal e-valentine to a fellow dog lover and you can expect to fetch some sweet nothings in return.

Download here.

2 You & Meow Forever

Free valentines day ecards cat lovers

This is the purr-fect Valentine’s Day e-card to let someone know they are the cat’s pajamas today and every day.

Download here.

3 You’re All That and a Bag of Treats


Pet people know that there are few things more beloved than a bag of treats. To be all that and a bag of treats is massively impressive and definitely deserving of a cute Valentine’s Day card.

Download here.

4 Fur-Ever Yours

Free valentines day ecards pet lovers

If they don’t mind cat hair, sharing the bed with more than a few pets and getting up early to let the dog out, you’ve found a keeper. Let them know you’d spend all nine lives with them.

Download here.

More Ways to Spend Valentine's Day with Your Pet:

What are you waiting for? Send a free Valentine’s Day e-card and let the love—and nostalgia—wash over you. Just don’t forget to about the four-legged love of your life this Valentine’s Day. Check out our list of the best Valentine’s day gifts for dogs (and the people who love them), or browse v-day gifts for all pets in Chewy’s special Valentine’s Day Shop.


By: Stephanie BrownUpdated: