10 Reasons Your Pet Is a Better Valentine Than Your Partner

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10 Reasons Your Pet Is a Better Valentine Than Your Partner

Our pets are the epitome of unconditional love, and there’s no better time to celebrate that special bond than Valentine’s Day. In fact, in many ways (ahem, most ways), pets are actually better Valentines than humans. Whether you’re lucky in love this year or spending the holiday single, read on for 10 reasons your pet is the ideal Valentine.
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1They're the best listener ever.

When you come home from a long day, your pet knows exactly what to say. With their soulful eyes, empathetic energy and adorable head tilts, dogs and cats are some of the best listeners out there. (Unlike, for example, your boyfriend who just nods along as he scrolls through his phone.) Sure, pets may not understand every word of your vent sesh, but their concern is genuine—in fact, a recent study from researchers at John Hopkins University showed that dogs understand when humans are upset, and go out of their way to comfort us.

woman and cat cuddling

2 No one gives better cuddles.

There’s no competition on this one—what human cuddle buddy could compete with a furry friend? If snuggling up with your pup or kitty gives you the warm-and-fuzzies, you’re not alone. Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that physically touching a dog—including belly rubs, ear scratches and nuzzles—significantly improved the mood and mental wellbeing of undergraduate students. Ready, set, snuggle!

woman eating chocolate

3 You never have to share your chocolate with them.

While your human Valentine might try to sneak some of your candy, the sweet stuff is off-limits for pets. Even if they want a taste, chocolate contains the stimulants theobromine and caffeine, making it toxic to animals. Treat them to some loving snuggles (see above) or a pet-friendly DIY concoction instead—then treat yourself to another truffle!


4 It’s cute when they snore.

A snoring human? Annoying. A snoring puppy or kitten? Adorable! If you’re one of the 46% of Americans who allows their pets to sleep in bed, (or even one of the 21% who let their pets choose where they sleep in your bed) you’ve probably awoken to a snore before—but it’s impossible to be mad when it’s coming from a cute wet nose. (Occasional snoring is usually normal, but if your pet regularly honks away at night, consult your veterinarian. Breathing issues, including sleep apnea, could be to blame.)

woman and cat snuggling
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5 They show you they love you every single day.

Even the most devoted partners sometimes forget to say those three little words. But our pets have infinite ways of showing their love, and they’re not shy about dishing out the affection. Dogs wag their tails, follow you around and gaze at you lovingly. Even cats—who have a reputation for being aloof or even standoffish—form strong bonds with their people, found a study by researchers at Oregon State University. They just have unique ways of showing their love. (Hint: Those licks, nibbles and nods are promising signs!)

pet watching a present being opened

6 They always love the gifts you choose.

No matter how well you know your partner, gift giving can be tricky. But when was the last time you gave your pet a present they didn’t adore? Maybe that’s why so many people buy gifts for their pets. Chewy polled hundreds of pet parents and found that 94% of people put their pets on their holiday gift lists! Sounds like somebody is getting a Valentine’s Day treat.

woman in pajamas with cat
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7 They think you look great, no matter what you're wearing.

Author and spiritualist Eckhart Toll perhaps put it best: “When the dog looks at you … the dog is not judging you.” So go ahead, stay in those pajamas, and don’t worry about your hair. While you might sometimes feel the need to impress a significant other, you can rest assured that your dog loves you just the way you are. (Your cat, meanwhile, is definitely judging you—but probably not because of what you look like.)

man taking selfie with dog

8 They don’t mind taking endless selfies.

Does your partner roll their eyes when you want to take a selfie? No worries—your pets love the attention (and, let’s face it, the internet would rather see pictures of your cat). It seems like plenty of shutterbugs have caught on. A third of pet parents have more photos of their furry friends on their phones than their partners, according to a consumer survey by Maytag.

kitten with blue eyes

9 They only have eyes for you.

Jealousy is an unfortunate part of many relationships—among humans, that is. When it comes to pets, you are The One, even if Margot Robbie and Harry Styles walk into the room. In fact, a Kyoto University study found that dogs are so loyal, they actually hold grudges against people who are rude to their owners. If that’s not love, we don’t know what is!

woman and dog at restaurant

10 They always love your restaurant picks.

Italian? Mexican? Thai? Even the most compatible humans sometimes disagree about where to go to dinner. But your pup is happy to go to any establishment, as long as you’re there. As dog-friendly restaurants become more popular, we’re considering booking Valentine’s Day reservations with our four-legged friends.
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