How to Pick the Perfect Summer Blanket for You and Your Pet

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How to Pick the Perfect Summer Blanket for You and Your Pet

The sun’s shining, the birds are chirping–and your panting dog is making it rain with fur all over your furniture. That’s where summer pet blankets come in.

It’s true: Pet blankets for the summer are actually quite common to have handy in the home. And when searching for summertime pet blankets, you'll want to keep an eye out for lightweight blankets, cooling blankets and mats, and blankets made with certain fabrics, like microsuede, that'll not only help keep your pet cool on sweltering summer days but also protect your furniture (and your dog’s crate!) from all that pesky and, oftentimes, hard-to-remove fur.

Now, crack open your textbook: It’s time for Summer Pet Blankets 101 (And How to Shop for One). The first chapter? Choosing a breathable fabric…

Make it a Microsuede

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Why microsuede? For starters, it breathes like cotton; meaning, it not only helps keep pets cool in the summer, but it also helps keep pets warm as you transition into those cooler fall and winter months. (A win-win if you ask us!)

Also stain-proof and machine-washable, microsuede blankets add a luxurious touch to any home, while also acting as a furniture protector from your ever-shedding pup–thanks to its faux fur.

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Keep Cool with Cotton

Another breathable fabric, cotton is a great go-to fabric for summer months. More specifically, blankets that are made of 100 percent cotton are ideal, as those are more breathable than polyester—a popular lightweight, water-repellent fabric used in workout clothing and activewear.

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Keep Dry with Waterproof Pet Blankets

Yes, keeping your pet cool with high-quality summer blankets is important, but waterproof dog blankets are also lifesavers in the summer.

After a long afternoon of swimming in a creek or lake or splashing around in the backyard with that splash pad you bought during quarantine, waterproof dog blankets, like PetAmi's Waterproof Dog Blanket, will help keep your furniture dry. Even better if the water-resistant blanket is machine-washable, too, like FurHaven's Waterproof Cat & Dog Blanket Protector.

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Fur-Free Furniture

We’ve gone over how cotton is often cooler and more comfortable than other breathable fabrics, like polyester. But did you know tight-woven cotton, specifically, can repel pet hair pretty well, too? Basically, the less space between fibers, the smoother the surface will be–thus making it less likely that fur will get stuck or embedded into the fabric, and the easier it’ll be to clean it.

We recommend keeping cotton or microsuede blankets on heavily used furniture, like couches and beds, as an end-of-bed cover. Also consider putting a summer blanket in your pet’s kennel as a kennel mat.

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Sherpa for Summer Nights

Frisco Personalized Paws Sherpa Cat & Dog Blanket

Summer nights can get chilly from time to time; and when they do, let sherpa save the day.

Sherpa is always a solid option for keeping warm, as the durable, dual-sided fabric is great at retaining heat to keep your pet cozy on chilly evenings. Similar to pure cotton, sherpa also wicks away moisture (we were surprised to learn this, too!), and it’s quick-drying.

Plus, the material is so luxuriously cozy and soft-to-the-touch, you'll want to snuggle up with it, too.

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Machine-Washable Pet Blankets

Whether being used on the couch, in a kennel, or in the car as a car seat, pet blankets must, above all, be–let’s say it all together now–machine washable. Yes! Because the last thing any pet parent wants to do is hand-wash a heavily used blanket.

The good news is, all the materials and fabrics we’ve discussed so far, including sherpa blankets can be tossed into the washer at the sight (and smell) of dirt. Of course, always check the caring instructions for any blanket or throw you purchase, as some recommend washing in a delicate washing machine cycle.

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In Search of Cooling Pet Beds, Instead?

For those more interested in cooling pads or cooling pet mats, look for those that boast a cooling fabric top and a layer of breathable cooling gel. Your pet will love you for it after a long day of running around in the summer heat. And bonus points if the pet cooling bed features memory foam and a removable cover, so you can simply throw it in the wash for easy cleaning.

Some beds, like FurHaven’s Deluxe Oxford Cooling Gel Bed, also feature a water-resistance base that'll help keep the dog bed filling safe from moisture.

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And there you have it, class: a quick run-down of the importance of pet blankets in the summertime and how to shop for the perfect one for you and your pet, from reversible throw blankets to stylish blankets for dogs that double as furniture protectors. Now, your only problem is paring it down to one. Good luck, and H.A.G.S.!
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