Dog-Friendly Activities for You and Your Pet This Summer

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dog friendly summer activities

Dog-Friendly Activities for You and Your Pet This Summer

Summer’s long days and warm temperatures signal that it’s time to get outside more with your pooch. There are many summer dog activities to enjoy, whether you want to hit the road or stay local. We’ve put together a handy flowchart quiz to help you determine which dog-friendly activities might be best for you and your pup.

By Bambi Edlund

Now that you know which summer activities to explore, find out how you can get your dog involved.

Throw a Pool Party

dog-friendly summer activities

Is there a better way to beat the heat than to cool down in the pool? Pool parties are an absolute blast, so imagine inviting your canine cohort and his four-legged friends over for some dog swimming fun. Add in waterproof dog toys and snacks (to consume 30 minutes prior to the doggy paddle, of course) and you’ve got a real party going.

Get dog swimming pool safety tips.

If you don’t have a pool, the Cool Pup dog pool is a medium-sized PVC dog pool designed for easy placement on a backyard deck or patio. Throw in a waterproof, buoyant dog toy, like the ZippyPaws Floaterz shark dog toy, and your pup and his slobbery friends will have a great time for hours on end!

Head to the Dog Park

dog-friendly activities - dog park

For an outgoing, active dog, the dog park is a great place for him to socialize, play games and hang out with friends. You might even consider it his second home where “everybody knows his bark.”

Plan your next dog park outing with an impressive fetch toy, like the Nerf dog tennis ball blaster, which allows you to launch tennis balls up to 50 feet in the air. All the dog park pooches might be running after those tennis balls—and your pup just might be the most popular dog at the park all summer!

Create an At-home Dog Water Park

By Jon Lofdahl

If you love water but hate crowds and waiting in lines, why not bring a waterpark to your own backyard for your dog? Swimming alone might not be enough action for some pooches, so keep your dog engaged with some wet-and-wild activities.

To set up your own dog water park, include some fun tunnels, such as the 15-foot Cool Runners agility dog training tunnel, which you can wet down with the hose and let your pup slide through. Or set up an amusement park-like area in your backyard with Trixie’s agility hurdles, dog training rings, slalom dog poles and water sprinklers to help keep your pooch active and amused all summer long.

Learn how to create a DIY dog water park in your backyard.

Go Boating

dog-friendly activities boating

Sunny summer days are the perfect time to take your boat out on the lake or the ocean. Add in your four-legged friend as co-captain and you have yourself a real adventure.

You can enjoy lazing about on the deck and basking in the sun. Or you can drop anchor for a bit of dog swimming. Just be sure to pack a dog life vest like the Frisco dog life jacket for protection. Not only are life jackets ideal in emergency situations, but they also help ensure that your summer-loving dog will be safe in case his paws tire while doggy paddling in deep water.

Add in a floatable toy, like the Chuckit! shark fin toy, for hours of jumping off the stern and into the water!

Hit the Beach

dog beach dog-friendly activities

If salty air, the smell of suntan lotion and sandy kisses sound like the perfect day for you and your canine companion this summer season, then a trip to the beach is a must. From a relaxing walk on the sand to splashing in the ocean and chasing waves, there is plenty for you and your pup to enjoy.

To amp up your beach day fun, the KONG classic flyer is a great toy to toss around on the beach. The rubber disc is designed to be durable, but soft on your dog’s teeth and gums.

Make sure you bring everything you need for a day at beach with this beach checklist for dogs.

Go Camping

dog-friendly activity camping

For pups and parents who crave solitude, quiet and getting in touch with nature, a camping adventure might be in store this summer. Camping with dogs can be an excellent way to unplug from the busy world and bond with your four-legged explorer.

When packing your pop-up tent, include your dog’s crate tent as well. The Midwest canine camper sportable dog crate is a transportable, waterproof tent that includes a synthetic sheepskin pad, so your dog can relax in comfort and style.

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Take a Hike

dog-friendly activity hiking

Once the weather warms, nature lovers cannot wait to lace up their hiking boots and hit the trails with their adventurous pooches. Whether you are surrounded by forest, desert, wetlands or mountains, hiking with a dog is a great reason to get outside and connect with nature. Chances are your pooch will enjoy the smells, sights, fresh air and exercise, too!

If your dog tends to wander off to chase a scent or out of general curiosity, consider putting a comfortable harness on him, such as the Chai’s Choice 3M reflective dog harness. It’s available in nine eye-catching colors that all contain reflective material in case your hike goes from dawn to dusk.

Sunny days and warm weather call for getting outdoors. Whether you enjoy swimming, hiking, boating, splashing or sunbathing, there’s an activity for you and your summer dog. So, what’re you waiting for? Get out there!



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