5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Summer With Your Pet

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pets in summer

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Summer With Your Pet

Right about now there’s no doubt that we’re all in need of some easy, breezy ways to shake up our routines, feel happier, more free, and more connected to each other and to our pets. And there’s never a better time than at the start of summer! Here are five easy ways for you to jump-start the season with great ideas for necessary supplies you and your pets can use now, and throughout the year.
pets in summer



Invent a New Ritual

Turning left instead of right when going for a morning dog walk. Sitting on the balcony for an every-Saturday-morning coffee and brushing the cat. Marking the new season by changing out bedding and pet bed duvet covers for new ones with lighter colors or opting for cooling dog beds. Or something as simple as sudsing-up your pet with a smells-like-summer shampoo. Doesn’t really matter what you do—the only thing that does matter is that it feels special for both you and your pet. Change is good. Here are a few supplies to help kick-start a new routine:

TropiClean Spa Comfort Shampoo for Dogs & Cats
summer pet shampoo
Pet Shop by Fringe Studio "Every Day Is Caturday" Coffee Mug
caturday mug
Molly Mutt Amarillo by Morning Square Dog Bed Duvet Cover
dog bed duvet cover
pets in summer - picnic



Pack Up a Picnic

Can we just say that we’ve had about enough of the four walls in which we’ve been living? With summer here, it’s time to breathe some fresh air, feel the grass beneath your feet, and have some old-school fun. And that means a picnic. Scoop up your pooch for a blanket-in-the-backyard garden party (balconies work too!) or head for a public park. Most important—the food! Pack up favorite dog food, dog treats and plenty of water for your pets with these helpful carriers. (Don’t forget to bring along waterproof dog toys, too, if you’re headed to a lake or beach.)

Frisco Fetch Squeaking Colorful Tennis Balls
tennis balls
Mobile Dog Gear Day Away Dog Tote Bag
Dog tote bag
KONG H2O Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle
travel water bowl
pets in summer



Up Their Street Cred

Hey, nothing lasts forever. Winter-raggedy, faded, frayed and just worn out dog leashes, dog collars, cat collars and pet footwear need to be retired and replaced. Which, for the stylish pet parent, means new opportunities for some swagger, and showing off a decked-out pet on those walks and meet-ups with other pet parents. (We never get tired of hearing “that is so cute” when it comes to the fur kids.). Tropical patterns and bright colors will have you and your pet feeling those summer vibes.

Blueberry Pet 3M Striped Dog Leash
summer dog leash
Paws N Claws Couture Flamingos Dog Collar
Summer dog collar
Kumfy Tailz Klimate Cooling Dog Harness
cooling summer harness for dogs
pets in summer -hiking



Hit the Trail (and maybe sleep under the stars)

Early summer right into the cooler days of fall are made to order for hiking with your dogs or cats (yes, some cats love a good walk in the woods). But when it comes to the great outdoors, it pays to be prepared. You’ll want a leash not longer than 6 feet, some comfort items and an easy-to-drink-from water bottle. Staying overnight? Be sure to pack some favorite toys or a blanket so everyone gets a good night’s sleep (and know the rules of the campground). Finally, make sure all flea and tick dog treatments and flea and tick cat treatments are up-to-date.

OneTigris Cotton Canvas Dog Backpack
dog backpack
Frisco Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes
Bravecto Chews for Dogs, 44-88 lbs
Vet's Best Natural Repellent Spray
Vet's Best Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray
pets in summer - beach



Just Add Water

Who doesn’t love a dip in the ocean, lake, swimming pool or just a jump through a lawn sprinkler to beat the heat on a hot summer day? (OK, the cat is maybe not so much on this one.) A daytrip to somewhere beachy pretty much ensures a super happy and totally pooped-out pup. If heading out, toss a car liner into the back seat to collect sand, stock up on some waterproof, floating dog toys and a sea-worthy dog life jacket. Setting up a little backyard dog pool? Make sure it’s big enough for two. Either way, don’t forget the sunscreen (yours, of course, and a special kind just for pets).

Plush Paws Products Waterproof Cargo Liner
cat liner
My Dog Nose It! Sun Protection Balm
dog sunscreen
ZippyPaws Floaterz Duck Dog Toy
dog pool toy

Summer will be over before we know it. How great would it be to make so many memories that when someone asks, “what did you do this summer,” you won’t even know where to begin!

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By: Chewy Editorial


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