14 On-Trend Dog Raincoats That’ll Make Rainy Walks So Chic

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14 On-Trend Dog Raincoats That’ll Make Rainy Walks So Chic

A little rain in the forecast doesn’t mean you have to postpone your pup’s walk–at least, not if you have the right doggy raincoat for the occasion. And when it’s time to upgrade your dog’s raincoat, keep in mind the two F’s: Is it functional? (In other words, will it help keep your dog from turning your home into a water park?) And is it fashionable? (Because why wouldn’t you want your pup to look as good as you do?)

That’s right, doggy raincoats can be both practical and stylish. And this year, fashion trends are as exciting as ever, embracing bright, bold hues and celebrating the return of some of our favorite nostalgic prints.

So, without further ado, ahead are the best raincoats for dogs that’ll not only keep your best friend dry but also help your pup show off the latest in dog–and pet parent–fashion.

Summer Stripes

Pendleton National Park Dog Raincoat

Stripes are considered to be a big pet fashion trend this year, according to Chewy designers. Plus, who doesn't love rocking a striped tee or dress in the summer months?

Have some fun with the design this summer by mixing and matching with different prints and various colors. Frisco's Rubber Ducky Dog Raincoat (sizes XS to 3XL, $11+) for example, boasts squiggly white stripes atop a blue-hued, yellow rubber ducky-sprinkled raincoat. It's too cute!

Here are some of our other favorite striped raincoats for dogs:

Frisco Rubber Ducky Dog Raincoat
Kurgo Loft Reversible Insulated Dog Quilted Coat

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GoTags Water Resistant Personalized Dog Raincoat

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Go Yellow

Frisco Rainy Days Personalized Dog Raincoat

This year, let your dog go big with the sunniest color of them all: yellow. A trendy color for pet parents and pets, alike, yellow will spread a little sunshine on the grayest, rainiest days. For pets, specifically, Chewy designers name Pantone’s Amber Yellow as the must-wear color for dogs and cats. And for pet parents, it’s Pantone’s Empire Yellow, which was identified by Pantone as one of the top colors this spring and summer.

To rock this color trend, strap your pup in Frisco's Rainy Days Raincoat (sizes XS-XL, $16+). This water-resistant, PVC-coated raincoat not only boasts a classic yellow, but it's also personalized, allowing you to proudly display your dog's name on their back.

Our other favorite yellow raincoats for dogs are:

Frisco Rainy Days Dog Raincoat
Canada Pooch Yellow Torrential Tracker Dog Raincoat

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Frisco Rainy Days Personalized Dog Raincoat

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So Sci-Fi

Kurgo Halifax Dog Rain Shell

"Sci-fi fits" are named as a top trend of 2023 by Pinterest, we couldn't be more excited to dress our pets in most futuristic, cyber punk fits we can findfrom shimmery silver raincoats to dark-and-moody, edgy raincoats.

"In direct opposition to last year's 'dopamine dressing' trend, this new style reflects our current times: dark, moody and dystopian," the Pinterest Predicts report states.

Take a more subtle approach to the trend with Kurgo's Halifax Dog Rain Shell in stormy white (sizes XS-XL, $45+); or go big with GF Pet's Neon Reversible Dog Raincoat (XXS-L, $43+), with its silver, near-iridescent shell, a neon teal interior liner and the coolest hood we've probably ever seen.

Shop sci-fi-esque dog raincoats:

GF Pet Neon Reversible Dog Raincoat
Kurgo Halifax Dog Rain Shell

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PAIKKA Visibility Dog Raincoat
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Pretty Florals

Frisco Reversible Packable Travel Dog Raincoat

Floral prints in the spring? Not so groundbreaking, no, but that doesn't make it any less fashion-forward. Seen on the Prada and Dries Van Noten runways, among others, were sweet-and-delicate, pastel pink- and purple-hued rosettes adorning everything from sheer midi dresses to leisure shorts.

That's why we're eyeing Frisco's Reversible Packable Travel Dog Raincoat in pink (XS-XL, $20+). One side boasts a floral-print pattern, while the other features the pastel pink we're bound to see all summer long.

And we have just the dog collar to pair with this raincoat:

Frisco Pink Reversible Packable Travel Dog Raincoat
Blueberry Pet Floral Prints Polyester Dog Collar

Cool Cargo

frisco olive green raincoat

Y2K is back—and one of the most notable trends of the time that's making a comeback are cargo pants. Designers are elevating the multi-pocketed cargo pant into everything from jumpsuits to raincoats.

Our favorite raincoat for dogs that gives big cargo vibes is Frisco's Olive Reversible Packable Dog Raincoat (XS-3XL, $6+). It boasts two colors (olive green and brown), has a crisp light blue trim and an oversized pocked on the back where you can keep poop bags or extra treats.

Pair the raincoat with this matching leash:

Frisco Olive Reversible Packable Dog Raincoat
Blueberry Pet 3M Striped Polyester Reflective Dog Leash


Frisco Clear Vinyl Dog Raincoat

Sheer pieces will have a big moment this year, from skirts and dresses to tops and pants.

Of course, putting your pet in sheer fabric to protect them from the rain makes absolutely no sense; that's where clear vinyl raincoats come in, like Frisco's Clear Vinyl Dog Raincoat (XS-3XL, $12+). Featuring a stylish white piping, the totally see-through vinyl raincoat lets your pet show off their best 'fit for the day, while also keeping them dry.

Pair the raincoat with this white leash:

Frisco Clear Vinyl Dog Raincoat
Mendota Products Large Slip Solid Rope Dog Leash

Bold Red

frisco dog raincoat

The Fall '23 runways, including Bottega Veneta's and Prada's, were flooded with big, bold red hues. So, why not twin with your pet (yes, even on a rainy day) in this super-trendy color this year?

Frisco's Red Reversible Packable Dog Raincoat (XS-3XL, $5+) not only embraces the trend but also features a stylish blue-and-white striped pocket where you can keep pup's poop bags.

Here are our favorite red raincoats for dogs:

GF Pet Reversible Dog Raincoat
FREE 1-3 day shipping
Frisco Red Reversible Packable Dog Raincoat
Make the next wet walk around the neighborhood or park a dryand stylishone with the perfect doggy raincoat, whether it boasts a classic, nostalgic print or embraces one of spring and summer's edgiest fashion trends. But remember, your dog's comfort comes first; so, when it comes time to finally make the purchase, make sure your dog loves it as much as you do.


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