Best Summer Pet Gear

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Best Summer Pet Gear

Longer days, warmer weather and trading in your winter coat for a beach towel can only mean one thing—that’s right, summer! Summer gives us a few more hours of daylight to spend outdoors with our pets playing tug-of-war or more time for your kitty to spend on his cat window seat. Whether your ideal summer includes a vacation abroad sightseeing with family or sunbathing by the pool and waiting for the ice cream truck to drive by, don’t forget to get your pets in on the summertime fun. Give your pup something to wag about or kitty a meow-worthy surprise with our favorite summer pet gear necessities.

Just like us, exercise is critical to keeping your pup healthy and strong. The summertime weather gives us a chance to get outside and play, but it is important to keep your dog cool and hydrated in the summer heat. Anthony Newman, CPDT-KA, founder of Calm Energy Dog Training NYC, says, “My prescription for a calm, peaceful, social, trusting, obedient dog? Head outside to the dog park every day for exhausting, fulfilling mental, physical and social fun.” The Chuckit! Classic Launcher is one of our favorite outdoor dog toys because it brings a new twist to the classic game of fetch. Tell your pup to “go long,” and enjoy hours of endless fun while getting a workout. Enjoy the long-range retrieval game at the dog park with the classic tennis balls, or try the rubber ball dog toys for a waterproof and durable option for the beach or pool.

While dog toys and outdoor play get two paws up from your pup, making sure that he drinks enough water and doesn’t overheat is critical to enjoying your summer of puppy love. The Petmate Silicone Round Collapsible Travel Pet Bowl offers an easy way to make sure your dog or cat is getting his water and meals on the go in a portable and easy-to-clean bowl. Just open, use, rinse and collapse it to store it away for next time! To keep your dog cool while soaking up the sun’s rays, try the Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Pet Bed. This cooling dog bed gives your pooch a place to enjoy the outdoors, and it keeps him off the hot pavement. Made with a breathable fabric and designed to promote airflow, even on the warmest days, the Frisco dog bed lets your dog relax from sunrise to sundown.

With more hotels and restaurants providing pet-friendly rooms or seating, we can include our dogs or cats in our summertime outings. The Gamma2 Travel-tainer Complete Pet Feeding System includes our pets in a restaurant-like dining experience! This compact set has two bowls and an airtight food container, so you can make sure that your pets’ food stays fresh even while you’re on the go.

If your kitty prefers a staycation to a vacation, give him a room with a view this season. The K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill gives him a cat window seat of his very own while satisfying his natural instinct to observe his surroundings from a high-above perch. Developed for easy, tool-free assembly, you’ll love this new home addition almost as much as he will!

While staying at home and lounging around all day might sound like the ultimate summer day for your kitty, maybe you and your dog are snowbirds or water lovers. “Treats are great, but most dogs, if given the choice, would rather run across an open field and bark and chase squirrels and wrestle with their friends than eat a treat,” says Newman. While scaling new heights and pushing new limits, be sure to keep your dog protected from Mother Nature’s extremes. A life vest for dogs or dog booties will be sure to keep your dog looking runway ready while hitting the outdoors. Ethical Pet Fashion Lookin’ Good Extreme All Weather Boots are the perfect footwear accessory for any adventurous pup during any season! While designed to protect your pooch from cold climates, these waterproof boots will also protect his paws from hot pavement or sand in warm weather.

Hiking and swimming are perfect activities for the four-legged adventurer in your family. Not only does swimming get your dog moving, but it also serves to keep him cool on those hot summer afternoons. A life vest for dogs will help keep your dog safe while enjoying this favorite summer hobby. Adjustable for the perfect fit and designed with an easy-to-grab handle, the Outward Hound PupSaver Neoprene Life Vest for Dogs is perfect for any dog—the experienced triathlon swimmer, or a new pup just trying to get his toes wet.

As you retire your winter parka for some sunscreen, remember to exchange your dog’s sweater for a life vest for dogs. Show your pets some extra love with dog toys or a cat window seat to enjoy the extra daylight hours, indoors or out. It’s time to explore places that you’ve always wanted to go and spend some extra sun-soaked time with your pet.


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