Puppy-Obsessed? Here’s How to Have the Best National Puppy Day Ever

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national puppy day

Puppy-Obsessed? Here’s How to Have the Best National Puppy Day Ever

Let’s be honest: We don’t deserve puppies. From their hyperactive tails to their sweetly awkward jumps and yelps to their soft snuggles, these cuties add limitless joy, laughter and “aww”-worthy moments to our lives. If you’re as in love with puppies as we are, there’s a holiday coming up just for you: National Puppy Day, aka an excuse to take your puppy obsession to a whole new level. Read on to find out more about the holiday and how to make the most of it with your pup.

What Is National Puppy Day?

It’s a day for celebrating puppies, of course! If you have a new pupper in your life, every day might feel like National Puppy Day as you swoon over their extra-soft fur, roly poly antics and big trusting eyes. But let’s face it: Puppies are a lot of work, too! From potty training to crate training, teaching them to sit, stay and wait, no, don’t chew on that!—well, we can’t blame you for sometimes overlooking the many benefits your puppy brings into your life.

But your furry friend is changing you for the better. Studies have shown that pets improve their parents’ mental health, physical well-being (probably thanks to all those trips outside for a potty break), and overall wellness. Spending the day celebrating your puppy seems like the least you can do in return, right?

Don’t forget: National Puppy Day is also about encouraging pet adoptions. In shelters and rescues across the country, thousands of puppies are waiting for forever homes. So don’t stop at celebrating your own favorite puppy—take a moment to support puppies in your local community, too, by helping an animal organization in your area. (More on that below.)

When Is National Puppy Day?

National Puppy Day is celebrated annually on March 23. In 2023, the pup-centric holiday falls on a Thursday, smack in the middle of the week. (It’s just like a puppy to get caught up in the middle of things, isn’t it?)



How to Celebrate National Puppy Day

So how can you make the most of National Puppy Day with your own puppy this year? No matter your budget or your schedule, we’ve got suggestions for turning the day into a full-on celebration.

1 Spoil Them Rotten

Admit it: You love buying cute toys for your puppy — maybe even as much as your puppy loves to play with them! National Puppy Day is a great excuse to snag that plushie or chew toy you’ve had your eye on. The best part? Your puppy doesn’t care how much you spend, so you can tailor their National Puppy Day gift to your budget.

On a Budget

national puppy day

Mammoth Color 3 Knot Rope Tug with Tennis Ball

Price: $4.47 (mini size)

This combination rope tug toy and tennis ball packs just about everything your puppy loves into one toy—plus, it comes in a mini size that’s perfect for small pups. What's better than that?

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A Little Extra

national puppy day

Chewy Puppy Goody Box

Price: $27.99 

A fun toy? Check. Nom-able treats? Check. Poo bags and holder? Check and check. Add a cuddly blanket and a super-cute box (which you know your pup will turn into a toy, too), and you’ve got an epic gift for your little one.

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Go All Out

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Smart Pet Love New Puppy Starter Kit

Price: $59.45

Snuggle Puppy toys remind puppies of their moms, thanks to the warming heat packs inside and a “real feel” heartbeat your pup can feel. This kit is the ultimate in puppy comfort.

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2 Share an Experience

Whether you have just a few minutes or the whole day, there are plenty of ways to spend quality time with your puppy on their special day.

If You Have 15 Minutes

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Play a Game

Puppies aren’t exactly known for their lengthy attention spans. That means that 15 minutes is about all the time it takes to play a fun game that exercises both their bodies and minds. Check out dog trainer Victoria Schade’s top 15-minute games for dogs.

If You Have an Hour or So

national puppy day

Bake a Treat

What’s better than giving your puppy an extra treat on National Puppy Day? Giving them a treat that was handmade with love by you, aka their favorite person! Browse our favorite recipes for dogs.

If You Have the Whole Day

national puppy day

Have an Adventure

If your pup is old enough to explore outside (around 12 weeks, or after their second round of vaccinations), try a new experience, whether it’s a beach, a gentle hike, or just scoping out a new park. Remember to give them plenty of water and rest along the way, and follow these tips for traveling with your puppy.

3 Make a Difference

If your approach to pet parenting is anything like ours, your puppy is already living a life full of excitement, snuggles and way too many toys. So why not celebrate National Puppy Day in a new way: by paying it forward to other puppies in need? There are so many ways you can make a difference for pups in your community:

  • Donate: Chewy’s Wish List feature lets you send exactly what shelters and rescues in your area need to care for their pets. Click here to search for an organization near you.
  • Volunteer: From walking dogs to cuddling cats, volunteers help shelters and rescues give animals the best lives possible until they find a forever home. Contact your local organizations to find out what help they need.
  • Spread the Word: Sharing shelters’ and rescues’ social media posts is a free and easy way to get the word out about pets looking for homes. Who knows—the photo you post might just inspire someone to adopt!

For more ways to help shelters and rescues, click here.

No matter how you celebrate, we want to see it! Share your stories with us @Chewy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy National Puppy Day!


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