The Best Dog Toys for Every Playful Pup

By: Monica WeymouthUpdated:

best dog toys
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Do you have the Very Best Boy (or Girl)? Then you need the very best dog toys! Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we have you covered. From balls to plushies to puzzles, we’ve rounded up the best-in-category dog toys—based on sales, customer ratings and expert input—to help you pick the perfect one for your pooch’s preferred playtime. Have an all-star athlete who needs extra exercise? We have a toy for that! How about a super-smart dog who loves a brain teaser? We have a toy for that! Perhaps a goofy puppy who thinks your couch is delicious? Yup, we have a toy for that, too.

Below, you’ll find the best dog toys for each and every playful pup. Ready, set, go have fun!

Playtime isn’t just fun for dogs—it’s important. Physical and mental exercise help our canine companions live their happiest, healthiest lives. By providing the best dog toys to fit your pet’s unique needs and play personality, you can strengthen your bond while enriching their day. Now, let the games begin!