Dog Beach Checklist: 9 Must-Have Items

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Dog Beach Checklist: 9 Must-Have Items

Most dogs love the beach, and it’s not hard to imagine why: seemingly endless miles of sand, sun and water that literally jumps at you. But a day at the beach with your dog only works if you’re prepared. A poorly packed dog beach bag (or no bag at all) is a recipe for pain, frustration, boredom and an early trip home. Here are nine things you need on your next dog beach checklist.

1. Fresh Water

giving dog water at beach


A dog’s gotta drink, right? Water, water may be everywhere, but ocean water certainly isn’t safe to drink. Most dogs need an ounce of water per pound of body weight every day, so, make sure you’re prepared before your dog beach trip. Consider freezing at least some of the water so it’s chilled and refreshing when your dog looks especially parched.

And don’t forget to bring plenty of food; your dog’s normal diet will suffice. While he’s probably going to go wild for dog beach day, nothing will derail it as quickly as a growling stomach will.

2. Dog Bowls

dog travel water bow


You need some type of container to pour the water and food into. You can easily fit collapsible travel bowls, like the Petmate silicone round collapsible travel bowl, in your beach bag. Or better yet, you can get a bowl like Lixit’s travel bowl, which doubles as a water container. It holds up to 3 quarts of water and features a spill-proof design to keep things dry. While the spill-proof design won’t make much difference at the beach, the ride there is another story. Just set the bowl out and you don’t have to worry about any stops because your pup can lap up all the H2O he wants during the ride without causing a soaking wet mess in your backseat.

3. Dog Sunscreen

sunscreen for dogs


One of the greatest dangers facing your dog on beach day is the sun. It threatens him on two fronts: dehydration and UV exposure. The former is covered by the water and dog bowls, but make sure you have specially formulated dog sunscreen as well.

Epi-Pet’s sun protector skin treatment spray will do the trick. Simply apply the dog sunscreen and rub it in all over your pup’s body. For sensitive areas, spray some into your hand and apply the dog sunscreen to his nose, paws and around his eyes.

4. Dog Poop Bags

potty pads for the dog beach


Your pup will need to go potty during your dog beach trip, so you’ll want poop bags as well as a dispenser to keep them from blowing away with the strong beach breeze. Frisco’s bags and dispenser set includes leak-proof bags that are scented with cucumber melon.

5. Dog Water Toys

dog beach water toys


Running around on the sand is great, but playing with dog water toys is an even better way for you and your pup to bond while at the beach. While you can play fetch with an old tennis ball, Chuckit!’s paraflight flyer will take your game to new heights. Designed with your pup’s teeth in mind, the flying disc is soft, and it floats.

6. A Dog Beach Towel

dog towel for beach

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A dog beach day almost certainly means swimming, and odds are it’s going to be time to leave while some saltwater still clings to your dog’s coat. Bone Dry’s microfiber bath towel is made to be super absorbent, meaning drying your pup off will be quick and painless for you both. If you have a second towel, you can throw it in the car with your pup to keep him warm, cozy and (hopefully) calm on the drive home.

7. A Dog First Aid Kit

dog first aid kit


Accidents happen, so a dog first aid kit is an absolute must when packing for your dog beach day. Whether your dog gets scratched from a broken shell or gets stung by a bee, Kurgo’s pet first aid kit, containing 50 items, will have you covered.

8. Flea and Tick Protection

flea and tick protection


Make sure your pup’s always protected from pests like fleas and ticks with a Seresto flea and tick prevention collar. Designed to provide dogs with eight months of protection, you’ll be covered for the summer season. And because this collar is waterproof, you can rest assured your dog will continue to be insect-free after every dog beach day.

9. A Dog Life Jacket

dog lifejacket for beach


Your dog might be the strongest swimmer in the pack, but you can never be too careful. Having a dog life jacket on your pup is an extra precaution to take to ensure the tails keep wagging and the fun never stops.

Outward Hound’s Neoprene life jacket features a front float so your pup’s head remains comfortably above water. Plus, the jacket’s red material is designed for high visibility, so you can keep an eye on your dog easily—and know where to toss the frisbee!

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