Puppy Deemed ‘Too Friendly’ for Police Force Gets New Role

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Puppy Deemed ‘Too Friendly’ for Police Force Gets New Role

Gavel the German Shepherd puppy didn’t have what it takes to be a K-9 officer for the Queensland, Australia police force. But it’s not because Gavel wasn’t brave enough or smart enough for the task at hand—the pupper was just far too friendly and social to put away bad guys.

According to The Telegraph, police stated that Gavel “did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line.” But the kind-hearted canine found a more fitting role as the state’s Vice-Regal Dog.

As Vice-Regal Dog, Gavel now works directly under the Governor of Queensland, Paul de Jersey, with duties that include greeting visitors and attending important government function and briefings.

A spokesman for the Office of the Governor told the Brisbane Times that Gavel is a “valued and much-loved” member of their team.

Gavel’s adorable career change has grabbed headlines around the world, and the Governor of Queensland has been sharing photos of the adorable pup enjoying life in his new digs. So far, de Jersey has posted photos of Gavel looking regal in specially designed robes and chomping down on sticks while lounging on the mansion’s lawn.

We’re sure Gavel will take all of the duties associated with being Vice-Regal Dog very seriously.

Image via Governor of Queensland Facebook

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By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: