Watch a Stray Dog Lead Rescuers to Her Puppies

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Watch a Stray Dog Lead Rescuers to Her Puppies

When Krystle Rivera—the owner and operator of no-kill Pinky Paws ResQ in Fowler, California—got word of a stray dog in her area, she quickly went to go help the canine.

The dog, named Betty Boop, was initially hesitant to let Rivera approach her, so she had to build a rapport and gain her trust. Rivera knew it would take time and patience, so she began recording their meetings to get a better understanding of the dog and her surroundings.

Thankfully, one fateful meeting after days of trying to get Betty to safety, Betty allowed Rivera to follow her on a nearly mile-long walk.

That walk would lead to an amazing discovery: Betty was the mama to ten stray puppies who were hiding in an abandoned farmhouse.

“It was truly a miracle,” Rivera says. “I cried when I heard the puppies. And my heart bursted with happiness … I still can’t believe it.”

The pups were just six weeks old at the time they were discovered, and mama Betty had likely given birth to them on the street (locals had seen her wandering around the area while pregnant).

Along with the help of friends and volunteers, it took Rivera about 20 minutes to safely get all of the pups out of the house and back to the rescue facility.

“All ten of the puppies were alive and healthy,” Rivera says. Since their rescue, all of the pups have been adopted into loving forever homes, while Betty is getting spayed and will soon be up for adoption.

Rivera says that Betty is still getting used to life that is not on the streets and that she “has to learn true love” from humans. But, ever since her pups were rescued she was able to be more at ease. “I swear she smiles,” Rivera adds.

The awe-inspiring moment of discovery, which was captured on Rivera’s phone, has since gone viral.

It’s a moment that anyone who has watched won’t soon forget and for Rivera, experiencing it firsthand was like no other.

“It was the rescue of my life,” she says. “I have been rescuing 11 years and I’ve seen nothing like this. Every time I look at her I think, ‘Wow!’ Her motherly devotion is amazing … I believe in miracles.”

You can donate to help Betty and other dogs in need just like her here.

Image via Pinky Paws ResQ

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