12 Designer-Inspired Matching Sweaters For You and Your Dog

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12 Designer-Inspired Matching Sweaters For You and Your Dog

We're not ashamed to say that we love twinning with our pets—and nothing is more fun (and more selfie-worthy) than matching sweaters. Lucky for us, our favorite F/W '22 designer sweaters just so happen to pair perfectly with some of this season's best dog sweaters. 

Don't believe us? Take a look at Siedres' Amber Striped Cardigan above. Everyone's fall sweater collection deserves a cool, updated letterman's sweater, and Siedres' cardigan totally nails the look. Cocoon your pup in Hotel Doggy's Play Dog Sweater (which is available in five sizes and under $20) and you have a total touchdown "mommy and me" fashion moment.

For more chic and playful matching dog sweater moments, we've rounded up our favorite designer sweaters and paired them with the perfect mini-me sweater for your pet. And while you may not select these exact designer sweaters (they're $$$, we get it), take note of the colors and details. Even if the sweater's not a perfect match, it'll still work because dogs in sweaters are always cute. (Oh, and BTW, most of the "dog" sweaters shown here are purrfect for your cat, too.)

A Cardi with Cred

Photo: Chanel / Chewy Studios

Yes, that is Chanel; and yes, it is, shall we say, aspirational. But, stay with us! We're putting the spotlight on this amazing cardigan because a heaping helping of yummy chocolate, caramel and latte brown hues is the F/W 2022 reason for the fashion season.

Details to Match: Brown in a range of shades with novelty buttons. We chose coordination over a perfect match with this gradient dog sweater that picks up on all the shades of the Chanel. 

Frisco Gradient Diamond Dog Sweater

  • Four-color, gradient diamond design with classic, wintery tones
  • Pullover design goes over your pet’s head easily
  • Comes in six sizes; $12

Cozier Than the Calm App

Photo: Jenni Kayne / Chewy Studios

When you want to pull off the bloggers' effortless "slouchy, oversized, but not-my-grandpa's" sweater style, no one delivers like Jenni Kayne. Her blush pink cocoon cardigan is a cloud of cables and coziness.

Details to Match: For your pup, go for lofty, plush, luxury yarn and cables. We think Frisco's ultra-soft, thick, warm pullover sweater would make for a perfect "mommy and me" IG moment.

Frisco Ultra-Soft Marled Dog Sweater

  • Thick cable knit provides added warmth
  • Comfy, snug fit thanks to the pullover design
  • Available in six sizes; $19

Now That's a Dapper Dog

Photo: Thom Browne / Chewy Studios

Since Coco Chanel first slipped into a men's sweater, the "borrowed from the boys" look has been as much a fall staple as a PSL. Thom Browne's iconic thick, tweedy, striped cardigan perfectly captures the look without tilting "nerdcore," thanks to its color blocking.

Details to Match: Dapper-debonair style, tweed, stripes, trim fit, neutral colors. This hand-knit dog dupe from Chilly Dog captures the vibe while still being warm, breathable and comfy.

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

  • Hand-knit by Andean artisans with 100 percent natural, non-allergenic, organic wool sourced from small farms with Fair Trade guidelines.
  • Available in eight sizes; $20

Come Sail Away

Photo: La Ligne / Chewy Studios

La Ligne’s striped knits have been perfected by two former Vogue editors for the sexiest sailor looks this side of Marseilles. Always classic, never twee, a navy sweater with red stripes is one you will keep in constant rotation. 

Details to Match: Stripes, ribbed trims, weighty feel. For a matching striped mariner sweater for your pup, Chilly Dog's Navy & Red Striped Dog Sweater looks right in the city or at the beach.

Chilly Dog Navy Striped Dog Sweater

  • Made from 100 percent wool, organically grown sourced from small Andean farms
  • Durable, dirt-resistant and breathable
  • Available in a range of sizes; $40

Into the Woods

Photo: Peruvian Connection / Chewy Studios

What's cuter than a dog wearing a sweater? A dog wearing a sweater starring another animal. Peruvian Connection's Fox Alpaca Cardigan is the perfect story-time match to this amazing version from Chewy's own Frisco clothing line for pets.

Details to Match: Intarsia or embroidered animals and fair isle trims.

Frisco Fox Dog & Cat Sweater

  • Classic, fair isle sweater print with a fox design on the back
  • Dozens of five-star reviews from pet parents, like you
  • Available in six sizes; $17

For the Harry Styles Fans

Photo: Stella McCartney / Chewy Studios

If Harry Styles were a sweater, it'd definitely be this fringe hot-orange dream by Stella McCartney.

The designer's Fringe Trim Alpaca & Wool Blend Cardigan has the '70s-era mega-glamor vibe that your most fashion-forward hound would love to sport this season. From the loose fit to the loopy fringe, this look would be a runway-to-IRL moment we think Harry would definitely approve (and rock on the Love on Tour stage).

Details to Match: Bold color, textured knit, and fringe. Oh, and lots of patience because with or without the Stella, you will be stopped on the street. A lot.

Wagatude Fringe Dog Sweater

  • Features a diamond knit pattern and fringe detail
  • Hand washable with a turtleneck design that’ll keep your fur kid warm
  • Available in a range of sizes; $17

Gucci Meets #Gorpcore

Photo: Gucci / Chewy Studios

OK, so the irony of a $1,600 cotton hoodie that will likely never see a trail or campground is probably not lost on youbut you have to admit, it's fun!

We love that Gucci chose to support the environment with this message; and while bears in the wild will not be impressed, you can bet this hoodie will turn heads in the urban jungle.  

Details to Match: Trees and mountains and crunchy goodness.When we saw this mountain-high dog sweater, we thought, "That is so Gucci X North Face. Backpack up."

Hotel Doggy Shawl Collar Dog Sweater

  • Easy on, easy off sweater with a snug-fit ribbed collar
  • That perfect Nordic-ish wooden back of the neck button! Can you even..?
  • Available in a range of sizes; $20

Slay Chalet Chic

Photo: Veronica Beard / Chewy Studios

Everyone who has ever lived in a cold climate either has this type of sweater or has one like it in their drawer. Hell, anyone who wishes they spent their winters on the slopes also probably has this sweater. Veronica Beard's Jerin Embellished Fairisle Sweater makes us think of just that: slopes, scotch and s'mores.

Details to Match: Classic fair isle knit patterns, handmade look and feel and dark academia vibes.

Chilly Dog Ski Wool Dog Sweater

  • Wool is from sheep that roam freely in the Ecuadorian mountains
  • Handmade in South America by artisan knitters
  • Machine-washable (making it a snap to clean)
  • Available in eight sizes; $35

So 2023

Photo: Milly / Chewy Studios

Those in the know are already whispering that lavender will be the Color of the Year for 2023. So, let's get a jump on the trend with a relaxed and soothing shade to take us from the dead of winter right into spring. Milly's Cropped Loop-Fringe Sweater will ensure your pup looks lavender-chic against the snowy gloom of winter.

Details to Match: Soft shades of purple, deeply contrasting cables and amp-up elements, like bobbles and fringes.

Frisco Bobble-Knit Dog Sweater

  • Higher cut at the belly, so pets can comfortably wear it when they need to potty
  • Features a leash hole at the back, so you won’t have to take it off to head out on a walk
  • Available in seven sizes; $18

No Doomsday Dressing Here!

Photo: Loewe / Chewy Studios

We can feel our dopamine levels rising just looking at this happy, striped mohair-blend sweater from Loewe. After so many seasons of utility colors and fits, it's time to bust out the brilliant Crayola colors and crop the hems!

Details to March: It's about the color! Our doggie version is inspired by vintage Pendleton Woolen Mills Patterns. Want to get full-on fancy? Get it monogrammed for an even better match. 

Pendleton National Park Dog Coat

  • Is it a coat or sweater or a sweater-coat? Who cares. It's toasty and color-me-happy.
  • Reverses to a quilted faux suede finish
  • Easy to put on and take off, thanks to the hook and loop belt
  • Available in four sizes; $50

If We Had to Choose Just One...

Photo: Farm Rio / Chewy Studios

If we had to choose just one sweater to tell the tale of Fall/Winter 2022, it would be Farm Rio's Striped Fringe Turtleneck Sweater. The color, the details, the mood. We are in love.

Details to Match: Stripes. Cables. Fringe. Color. Our pup version nails it from collar to cuff.

Wagatude Marl Stripe Dog Sweater

  • We predict an extra spring in your's pups step!
  • Pull-over design and easy care
  • Available in a range of sizes; $17
This might just be the most exciting, most colorful, most textured and vibrant and cozy sweater season of them all. And we can't wait to see what kind of head-turning matching-sweater moments you and your dog create this season. Snap those IG-worthy pics and tag @Chewy. See you on the runway at the dog park.


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