April’s 10 Best New Streaming TV Shows and Movies to Watch With Your Pet

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Still images from "Tiny Beautiful Things," "Schmigadoon," and "Somebody Somewhere"
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April’s 10 Best New Streaming TV Shows and Movies to Watch With Your Pet

Need a new show to keep you busy during those April showers? There’s a little something for everyone this month, from true crime to laugh-out-loud comedies, all the way to musical theater. That’s why we’ve picked 11 of the best new streaming releases to watch this month. Some of them feature pets at the center of the story; others are just the most buzzworthy shows and movies that everyone will be talking about at the dog park. Take your pick and let the binge-fest begin!

Spoiler warning: If you’re not up to date on the returning series on this list, our descriptions below may contain plot details you haven’t seen yet. If you want to stay totally un-spoiled, just browse the titles and catch up on current seasons before reading further.

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Premiere Date: April 7

For Fans Of: fantasy films, Latin American folklore

Starring: Demián Bichir (“Let the Right One In”), Evan Whitten (“Next”), Christian Slater (“Mr. Robot”), Julio César Cedillo (“Narcos: Mexico”)

What would you do if you encountered a mythical winged creature who seemed totally lost—especially if they were absolutely adorable? That's what happens to 13-year-old Alex in this family-friendly film that puts a twist on the Latin American folk tale of the chupacabra (who’s better known as a monster that feeds on the blood of goats). In this retelling, chupacabra cubs are friendly, wide-eyed furballs—and it’s up to Alex to save one from being hunted down by a dangerous scientist. If you have a furball of your own by your side, it’s impossible not to relate to the love Alex and his own pet “Chupa” share.

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Premiere Date: April 6

For Fans Of: revenge stories, dark comedies, “Tuca & Bertie”

Starring: Steven Yeun (“Minari”), Ali Wong (“Always Be My Maybe”), Joseph Lee (“Star trek: Picard”), Young Mazino (“Vita”), Patti Yasutake (“Unbelievable!!!!!”)

After successful entrepreneur Amy Lau (played by comedian Ali Wong) gets into a road rage altercation with struggling contractor Danny Cho (played by the great-in-everything actor Steven Yeun), the pair take their “beef” further than any feud should ever go, with some dark but hilarious results. If you’re a fan of the animal-centric animated series “Tuca & Bertie,” you already know Wong and Yeun as the voices of Bertie and her boyfriend Speckle, respectively. Here’s your chance to see them on screen together—but this time, as enemies.

Apple TV+

Key art for Apple TV series "Jane" showing two children and a chimpanzee watching a whale leaping in the air


Premiere Date: April 14

For Fans Of: Jane Goodall, animated series, feel-good stories

Starring: Ava Louise Murchison (“Reacher”), Mason Blomberg (“Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers”), Tamara Almeida (“Let’s Go Luna!”), Dan Abramovici (“Ben’s at Home”), Jazz Allen (“Soap Dish”)

Animal lovers, gather all your cuddly furbabies (and maybe any human ones, too) to watch this upbeat animated series all about a young environmentalist named Jane who’s made it her life’s mission to follow in the footsteps of acclaimed primatologist and conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall. Hoping to save endangered animals, Jane goes on a quest with her best friends (including a chimpanzee named Greybeard) and it makes for a beautiful, heartfelt series you won’t want to miss.


Premiere Date: April 5

For Fans Of: “Glee,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and musicals in general (especially “Chicago”)

Starring: Cecily Strong (“Saturday Night Live”), Keegan-Michael Key (“Key & Peele”), Ariana DeBose (“West Side Story”), Jaime Camil (“Jane the Virgin”), Alan Cumming (“The Good Fight”)

Attention, musical theater fans: “Schmigadoon”’s Josh and Melissa are back, but they’re feeling a little blah here in the real world. So, they try to find their way back to the colorful fantasyland they explored in Season 1—only to land in a whole new universe of song-and-dance: Schmicago! Playing off popular musicals of the 1960s and 70s, the couple meet a whole new cast of characters with plenty of adventures in the mix.


“Somebody Somewhere"

Premiere Date: April 23

For Fans Of: heartfelt dramedies, “Work In Progress,” “Sort Of”

Starring: Bridget Everett (“Fun Mom Dinner”), Jeff Hiller (“American Horror Story: NYC”), Mary Catherine Garrison (“Veep”), Mike Hagerty (“Friends”), Murray Hill (“Life & Beth”)

The critically acclaimed first season of “Somebody Somewhere” told the story of Sam, a woman dealing with the loss of her sister and the effects it’s had on her entire family (and herself) while living in a small town in Kansas. In Season 2, Sam continues her healing journey with her best friend Joel by her side, along with a growing community of loved ones. Loosely based on star and comedian Bridget Everett’s own life, this is a feel-good watch that might require a box of tissues, too.

“Love and Death”

Premiere Date: April 27

For Fans Of: “Big Little Lies,” “The Affair”

Starring: Elizabeth Olsen (“WandaVision”), Jesse Plemons (“The Power of the Dog”), Lily Rabe (“American Horror Story”)

Based on the true and truly bizarre story of two small-town, church-going Texas couples (Candy and Pat Montgomery and Betty and Allan Gore), this seven-episode limited series follows their story, starting with an extramarital affair, and ending with someone wielding an axe and covered in blood. It’s got intrigue, some steaminess, and plenty of star power thanks to big cast names like Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons. If you’re in the mood for a twisty, suspenseful story that keeps you guessing, this is your show.


A still from the Hulu series "Tiny Beautiful Things" showing two women laying on a blanket in the grass

“Tiny Beautiful Things”

Premiere Date: April 7

For Fans Of: Author Cheryl Strayed, advice columns like “Dear Sugar”

Starring: Kathryn Hahn (“Transparent”), Sarah Pidgeon (“The Wilds”), Elizabeth Hinkler (“The Good Doctor”), Julien Marlon Samani (“Holidate”), Aneasa Yacoub (“Maggie”)

Based on the best-selling collection of the same name by “Wild” author Cheryl Strayed, this new show follows Clare, a woman whose life is falling apart. She’s been kicked out of her house by her husband and is struggling to connect with her daughter when an old friend offers her a job writing an advice column called Dear Sugar. She’s not quite sure she’s the right writer for the job at first, but through lots of self-reflection on her own childhood and history, she finds new hope and purpose for herself and her readers over time. Maybe we’ll even get to see a fictionalized version of Strayed’s kitten!


“Fatal Attraction”

Premiere Date: April 30

For Fans Of: the original “Fatal Attraction” film

Starring: Joshua Jackson (“The Affair”), Lizzy Caplan (“Mean Girls”), Amanda Peet (“Brockmire”), Toby Huss (“Halt and Catch Fire”), Alyssa Jirrels (“As We See It”)

In 1987, the thriller “Fatal Attraction” made a major imprint on pop culture by telling the suspenseful tale of a married man’s one-night stand with a woman who goes on to stalk him and his family. This new reimagining of that story is a modern take on those timeless themes of love and infidelity—and it’s guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Just maybe don’t watch this one with your bunny? (If you’ve seen the original, you know why.)

Amazon Prime

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”

Premiere Date: April 14

For Fans Of: “Gilmore Girls,” “Bunheads,” “Hacks”

Starring: Rachel Brosnahan (“House of Cards”), Tony Shalhoub (“Monk”), Alex Borstein (“Family Guy”)

It’s finally time to say goodbye to Midge Maisel, but you know she’s not going out without a big bang! In the fifth and final season of this series about a 1950s housewife-turned-stand-up comedian, the whole cast is back, along with some fun surprises. (“Gilmore Girls” alum Milo Ventimiglia makes an appearance in the trailer—as does an unexpected llama!) Get ready to gather with your fur babies for lots of laughs—and maybe even a few farewell tears.
Looking for more ways to spend time with your pet this month? Check out our April calendar full of fun activities and timely reminders for all the things they need. We’ll be back here next month with more recommendations for the newest releases on streaming. Until then, happy watching!


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