First Christmas With a New Pet? Here’s How to Make Memories That Last a Lifetime

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First Christmas With a New Pet? Here’s How to Make Memories That Last a Lifetime

Are you one of the more than 1 million pet parents who welcomed a new pet into your family this year? If so, you’re in the midst of a huge milestone: Your first holiday season together with your new bestie. So how do you make the most of this moment? From festive décor and the year’s best gifts to tips for keeping your furry (or scaly, or feathered) friend healthy and happy, we’ve got plenty of ideas for celebrating your new pet’s first holidays together.

Puppy's First Holidays

puppy in a sweater licking a woman's face

What’s more adorable than your new puppy? Your new puppy in the midst of holiday magic.

From playing in the snow to hanging their stocking, there are so many ways to celebrate! But with all that comfort and joy comes a few safety hazards, too. We’re breaking it all down in our guide to the holidays for new puppy parents.

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Kitten's First Holidays

puppy in a sweater licking a woman's face

The only thing more bright and shiny than the ornaments on your Christmas tree are your kitten’s wide eyes—especially if they’re plotting to attack those ornaments!

Between snuggle sessions and oh-so-adorable naps, your curious kitty is going to want to explore all the exciting new goodies around the house this holiday season. Here’s how to keep them safe—without killing your festive vibe.

dog in christmas antlers eating a treat

Follow these tips to keep your new kitty from destroying your Christmas tree.

best of dog lover gifts

These gifts for cat lovers make a perfect gift (or splurge for yourself).


Browse our picks for the best stocking stuffers for your favorite feline.

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First Holidays With Small Pets

puppy in a sweater licking a woman's face

Yes, your guinea pig (or bunny, or ferret, or hamster) can celebrate the holidays, too!

They may be small in size, but the sight of them wearing a Santa hat or lounging in their own gingerbread house is sure to make your heart grow three sizes. Make the most of this merry season with our top picks for small pets.

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Holiday Safety for New Pets

As the song goes, the holiday season really is “the most wonderful time of the year”—but some Christmastime traditions pose a risk to your new pets’ health and safety. So before you string those lights or hang that mistletoe, find out if your holiday plans are safe for all members of your family (whether they have two legs or four).

Pet-Friendly Holiday Décor


Is your cat in the Christmas spirit? Is your dog ready to deck the halls?

When it comes to decorating your home for the holidays, your options are limited only by your own imagination—yes, even if you’re keeping your new pets’ safety top of mind. Click the button below to find the best pet-safe, on-trend plants to decorate with this holiday season.

Pet-Safe Christmas Plants

Festive Christmas Activities for You and Your New Pet

The holidays are all about making memories together. So ask yourself: How do you want to remember this first Christmas season with your new pet? From exploring spectacular light displays to snuggling up on the couch to watch a classic holiday film, your opportunities to make the most of this merry season are endless.

Looking for more ways to make holiday magic with your new pet this year? Head to BeChewy’s Holiday Hub for all the best tips and advice for new pet parents this winter. From our family to yours, happy paw-lidays!


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