Our Editors Pick Their Favorite Summertime Pet Supplies

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editors picks summer pet supplies

Our Editors Pick Their Favorite Summertime Pet Supplies

Windows down. Sunglasses on. Our favorite playlist on repeat. It’s officially summer, summer summertiiiime, and that means action-packed days, warm nights and plenty of fun in the sun with our fur kids.

Planning a beach day with our favorite four-legged beach bum? Check. Relaxing in the AC with our feline binge-watching buddy? You know it! We have never been more excited to Get. Our. Summer. On. (with our pets by our side, natch!) That’s why we’ve rounded up all the best pet gear to make sure we maximize those precious summer days with our pets.

editors picks summer pet gear for dogs cats and guinea pig

If you’re ready to help your furry bestie have whatever their variation of hot girl summer is (hot purr summer?), learn more about our editors’ warm-weather pet gear picks below.

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Kate, Editor in Chief

You might notice a theme here, as chilling waterside with a frosty ice cream and salty hair, don’t care, is where you will find Kate in summer. Of course, we want to make sure your dog also lives the sweet life so her picks combine three of a dog’s favorite things: splashing, dashing and lapping. From the puppy plunge pool that brings the cool on a hot July day to a fetch toy that’s made for the beach all topped off with a sweet summery treat, fun in the sun is the reason for the season!  

Kate's Picks

editors picks summer pet gear - ice cream

Pooch Creamery Watermelon Flavor Ice Cream Mix for Dogs

"While I love spending quality time with my friends Ben & Jerry, I also want to serve up some sweet scoops to the pooches. Ice cream made for humans can be rough on a pup’s tummy, but this powdered ice cream mix is specially crafted for canines. Just add water, and freeze for 8 hours."


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editors picks summer pet gear - pool toy

ROGZ by KONG Flingz Buoy Dog Toy

"There’s just something sort of 'Baywatch' about this bright orange toy, right? What I like about this one is the shape that’s easy for a dog to get a mouth around and that it is lightweight, floats well, is easy to spot on the water and because it’s made of foam, is more gentle on your pup’s teeth. (If your dog is a next-level chewer, this might not be your best choice.)"


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editors picks summer pet gear - dog pool

Frisco Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool, Flamingo Print

"When it’s 95 in the shade and you and your dog just gotta cool it, this festive pool (flamingos!) is the solution. No sweat set-up—you just unfold and fill with water, no inflating needed. Oh, and it comes in three sizes so every type of dog can make a splash. Now, getting your dog out of the pool is another matter (see ice cream above for a bit of bribery)."


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Steph, Executive Editor

This summer, Steph is in a retro state of mind. After all, the best summers were the ones when we were kids and got two glorious months off from school. Most of her picks tap into some of the biggest pop culture trends of decades past and all offer pets a way to stay cool (literally or figuratively) all summer long.  

Steph's Picks

editors picks summer pet gear - sunflower sundress

Frisco Sunflower Gingham Dog & Cat Dress

“Growing up in the 90s, sunflowers were my jam. From sunflower print T-shirts to necklaces to bedroom decor, I was obsessed. So when I saw this dress with its bright yellow sunflowers, my heart skipped a beat. The sweet gingham pattern is the perfect complement and a summer staple in its own right. Available in sizes XS-3XL, dogs of all sizes can sport this stylish throwback print that’s primed for a comeback.”

Starts at $12.99

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editors picks summer pet gear - cat teaser toy

Star Wars Galactic Empire Ice Cream Scoops Bouncy Cat Toy with Catnip

“Summer is the season for big blockbusters and there is perhaps no bigger summer blockbuster than Star Wars. This 2-foot-long teaser toy takes us back to a time (and galaxy) far, far away by turning a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader into scoops of ice cream. The cherry on top? It contains catnip to entice your paw-dawan into playtime.”


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Frisco Cooling Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed with Removable Cover

"Keeping cool while catching Zs is a must, especially in the summer. (My preferred sleeping style is cocooned in a large comforter with the AC cranked up to arctic and the fan on.) This pet bed from Frisco is designed to do just that thanks to its cooling fabric top and one-inch layer of cooling gel memory foam. Place it on the balcony or back patio for your pup’s maximum comfort when relaxing outdoors with you."

Starting at $44.99

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Ciara, Senior Editor

Summer is Ciara’s favorite season—what’s not to love about warm, sunny weather? For her, summer is a time to let loose and find fun new ways to play. That vibe also extends to her furry fam: Zeno, a Rat Terrier mix, and cat Manny. They’re both senior pets who make the most of the season in their own unique ways (with a little help from some fun new toys and apparel).  

Ciara's Picks

editors picks summer pet gear - pet bandana

Frisco Fruity Summer Dog & Cat Bandana

Neither of my pets enjoys wearing clothing, but Zeno genuinely seems to love wearing a bandana (or maybe she just loves the attention she gets from that extra dose of cuteness). This one, with its bright, tropical colors and seasonal fruits, is perfect summertime attire.


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editors picks summer pet gear - popsicle toy

Frisco Summer Fun Popsicle Dog Toy

Wow, this takes me back. I spent every summer of my childhood at our community pool, spending my allowance on frozen treats like these rocket-shaped popsicles. I love that this toy lets me pass that tradition on to my dog—without turning her mouth blue like they always did to me!


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editors picks summer pet gear - guinea pig shirt

Frisco Pineapple Hawaiian Camp Guinea Pig Shirt

A Hawaiian shirt for a guinea pig? Can you even handle how adorable this is?? From the bright colors to the breezy pineapple pattern, this shirt has major Jimmy Buffet vibes. It’s guaranteed to elicit squeals of delight (and a bajillion Instagram likes) from anyone who sees your cavvy sporting it.


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With our BeChewy editors’ picks, you and your pet are ready to hit that backyard BBQ or drive-in movie in style! Looking for more summer pet gear? Check out the Camp Chewy Shop for all the seasonal essentials.


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