Watch: This Kitten Absolutely Loves His Cat Tree

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Watch: This Kitten Absolutely Loves His Cat Tree

There’s a new video going viral of a kitten going absolutely crazy in a tree, but there’s no need to call the fire department. This energetic feline is happily playing in his beloved cat tree in the comfort of his home.

Nuke, who is just a few months old, was captured in a hilarious, frenzied moment enjoying the perks of cat trees by his uncle Derek Zimmerman (You may remember him as the cat dad to chirping Charlie).

Zimmerman caught the cat going into hyper-drive and started recording. “It’s his favorite place to relax and play,” Zimmerman says. “He is ALWAYS playful.  Running around and getting into mischief.”

The 45-second clip is packed with joy, and as Zimmerman knows all too well, that’s what cats always bring to the table, or in this case, the tree.

“I love how unexpected their behavior can be,” he says. “I love that there is always a reason as to why they do the strange things they do … and they’re pretty adorable, too.”

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By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: