9 Funny Pet Videos of Dogs and Cats Reacting to Automatic Products

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9 Funny Pet Videos of Dogs and Cats Reacting to Automatic Products

Silly dog, vacuums are for cleaning, not riding! While household gadgets and battery-operated toys make perfect sense to us humans, for pets, the concept of automatic products can be a little difficult to grasp. From scaredy cats to perplexed pooches, the animals in these funny pet videos show us just how confusing automatic products and toys can be for our four-legged friends.

Let’s review these funny pet videos one by one, shall we?

1. Kitty vs. Roomba

“The Roomba Dairies,” Episode 1: Roomba Must Die.

Does Zima the kitty cat know what a Roomba is? No. Does she want to kill it anyway? Definitely.

Video courtesy of zimapoppy_siberiancats/Instagram.

2. Hitchin’ a Ride

“The Roomba Dairies,” Episode 2: Hitchin’ a Ride.

Then again, some pets get along just fine with the dreaded Roomba. Love the new wheels, Dixie! 

Video courtesy of bossyterriers/Instagram.

3. Potty or Playtime?

For kittens, absolutely anything can be a toy—including an automatic litter box.

Video courtesy of myfosterkittens/Instagram.

4. A Frenchie Foe

If you’re a feisty Frenchie, a remote-controlled car is basically a cat on wheels.

Video courtesy of bostosf/Instagram.

5. Sticky Paws

Versace had some concerns about the portion control on his Petmate Portion Right programmable pet feeder, so he took matters into his own paws. Take that, automatic feeder! 

Video courtesy of kendars_critters/Instagram.

6. A Mouse on the Move

When your Hexbug mouse robotic cat toy suddenly starts running across the floor, it’s a good idea to call your BFF over for a quick consult.

Video courtesy of maseratiandcubby/Instagram.

7. A Pup and Her Piggy

Pearl enjoyed her automatic dog ball launcher so much, she attempted to hack it and play fetch with her favorite stuffed piggy.

Video courtesy of pearlwhiteboxer/Instagram.

8. A Day at the Races

The best toys are the ones your kids and kittens can share.

Video courtesy of susiepusen/Instagram

9. Better Than an Alarm Clock

*Sound on.* Even while in a deep kitty sleep, Lucian can hear the sweet, sweet sound of kibble being dispensed from his automatic cat feeder.

Video courtesy of lucianomeowarotti/Instagram.

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