4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: Pet Edition

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4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: Pet Edition

Challenge Level 3: Help-Yourself Toy Bin

Set up the coolest toy bin on the block, and let your pets take charge of playtime with the Help-Yourself Toy Bin.

toy box 1

Materials: Large Chewy box, scissors or box cutter, marker, glue gun

Optional Materials: craft paint (acrylic, puffy paint, etc.) or poster board

Step 1: Set the Chewy box on the ground right side up, and cut off the top flaps, and set them aside for later.

Step 2: On one of the longer sides, draw two or three paw prints along the bottom. Make sure the paw pads are at least as wide as the largest toy that will go in the box.

toy box 3

Step 3: Cut out the paw print shapes to make handy toy-retrieval holes.

Step 4: Draw a large bone or fish shape on one of the flaps and cut it out.

toy box 5

Step 5: Paint the bone or fish or cover with poster board. If you used paint, wait for it to dry, and then write your pet’s name on the cardboard piece with markers (or puffy paint, acrylic paint, etc.)

Step 6: If you want to decorate the box, you can use markers or paint.

Step 7: Use the glue gun to attach the bone/fish at the top.

toy box 8

Fill up the bin with tons of cat or dog toys! Next time your pet wants to play, let her pick out her own toys by pulling them through the paw prints. The trick is training her to put them back when she’s done.

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