4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: Pet Edition

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4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: Pet Edition

What’s a Chewy box good for (aside from delivering awesome Chewy pet supplies and Chewy pet food to your eager pets)? If you said setting up a Chewy box photo shoot with your adorable pet carefully posed inside of it to post to our social pages, you’re totally right. But we can think of even more uses—like maybe some cat furniture, a swanky DIY cat house or a deluxe DIY dog house. But let’s start with the easiest projects first and work our way up.

Challenge Level 1: Pet Placemat

Even if all your crafting attempts end up on social media with the hashtags #craftfail or #nailedit, we have faith that you can make this pet placemat from a Chewy Box. No pressure.

placemat 1

Materials: self-adhesive laminating roll (at least 16 inches wide), medium or large Chewy box, scissors or box cutter, non-slip shelf liner, glue gun

Step 1: Cut out the blue side of the Chewy box with scissors or box cutters. You can either keep the rectangular shape or cut out a large bone or fish shape.

placemat 3

Step 2: Place your cardboard piece on top of the laminated backing, then trace and cut, leaving an extra inch around the edges.

placemat 4

Step 3: Peel off the backing from the laminating sheet. Flip your cardboard piece over so the blue side is facing the lamination, then center it and stick it onto the laminating sheet. Before you fold the inch border back around the edges, make small cuts at each of the crevices so you can easily fold the laminating sheet back without bunching.

Step 4: Trace your shape onto the non-slip shelf liner and cut it out. Make sure the cardboard piece is facing up, then glue the bottom onto the liner with the glue gun.

placemat 5

Set up your pet’s mealtime corner with her new Chewy box placemat and let her dine in style. Why not add a new dog bowl or cat dish, while you’re at it?

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