14 DIY Dog Costumes That Are So Easy To Make It’s Scary

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DIY dog costume: ghost
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14 DIY Dog Costumes That Are So Easy To Make It’s Scary

Have you been hunting all over the internet for fun dog Halloween costume ideas? And you're willing to pick up a pair of scissors and get crafty? Good news! Your search stops here. 

Maybe you’re not entering your best friend in a pet costume contest, but we know you want your dog’s costume to rock. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite DIY dog costumes, and it includes some pawsome pictures and videos, so you can get your dog ready for trick-or-treating fun.  

And just in case you’re short on time or a little uncertain of your crafting abilities, we’ve got you covered with great don’t-do-it-yourself store-bought alternatives to our favorite DIYs.

1Teddy Bear

If you don’t have the heart to, ahem, disassemble a stuffed teddy bear—watch the tutorial and you’ll understand what we mean—you can turn your furry friend into a furry bear with this super-simple dog costume

DDIY (or don't do it yourself):

Your pooch can still trick-or-treat as everyone’s favorite stuffed animal without deconstructing a cuddly toy in the Frisco Front Walking Teddy Bear dog costume.

2Bowl of Ramen

Turn your dog into the cutest trick-or-treating cup o’ noodles on the block with this absolutely adorable costume


Give your pooch a promotion and make them the chef, not the meal, with the Frisco Front Walking Chef dog costume.


@livekellyandmark 🐾🎃 Piñata Dog Halloween Costume @Etsy @Dayna Isom Johnson ♬ original sound - Kelly and Mark

A T-shirt (or a baby onesie if you have a small dog) is the foundation of this fun, party-ready pinata DIY dog Halloween costume. The easy-to-follow tutorial walks you through the process of turning your pooch into a colorful pinata.


Or keep the scissors in the drawer, and pick up the Frisco Ruffle Party dress and headpiece.

4Bat Dog

If sewing isn’t your thing, this DIY project is for you. Simply grab your hot glue gun, scissors and your dog’s harness, and you’ll be on your way to creating a classic bat dog Halloween costume.


Can’t find your hot glue gun? No problem. Get a similar look with the Frisco Bat Wings dog costume.

5Dirty (Dog) Martini

Don’t let your pup’s “cone of shame” go to waste. Grab a few foam balls, green and red paint and a wood dowel to turn your furry friend into a dirty (dog) martini on Halloween.


A fancy drink calls for formalwear. The Frisco Formal Dog Tuxedo fits the bill.

6Angel and Devil

Whether your fur babies are typically naughty or nice, there’s an easy DIY dog costume that fits their vibe. This tutorial by Vicky Bermudez shows you how to create an angel and devil headband for your pet to rock on their trick-or-treating adventures.


For pet parents who like to do the most, the Pet Krewe Angel Wings Gold dog costume and Pet Drewe Devil Red Wings dog costume each include the head piece and a set of wings.

7Taco Emoji and Pizza Emoji

Emojis meet dogs with these two creative pet costumes: a taco and a pizza slice. If you’re scrambling for a costume idea, these won’t take long to put together.


Are you more of a takeout person than the make-dinner-at-home type? Try Frisco Taco dog costume and Rubie's Costume Company Pizza Chef Kit dog costume.

8‘Harry Potter’

Turn your best friend into “The Boy Who Lived” with this magical and simple Harry Potter DIY dog Halloween costume by Instructables user sarahndipity.


If Disney is more your dog’s speed, try the Disney Mickey Mouse Vampire dog costume.

9‘Star Wars’ Pet Porg

Fleece, polyester stuffing and craft felt are all it takes to whip up this fantastic Halloween dog costume for “Star Wars” fans.


For pet parents who are diehard Star Wars fans and need something a little more authentic, your dog will rock the STAR WARS R2-D2 dog hoodie.

10Ghost Costume

It doesn’t get any easier than a ghost costume for your pup’s spooky Halloween party fun.

Whether you go with the classic "cut two holes in a white sheet and drape it over your dog" method, or you go this TikTok route that requires just a white felt and a pair of scissors, this homemade costume is always a hit. 


Dogs who want to give off a more store-bought ghostly costume vibe may prefer the Frisco Boo-Tastic Ghost dog costume.

11Willie Nelson

Grab a pair of scissors, brown yarn, a bandana and glue to transform your pooch into Willie Nelson. No, seriously! Watch the tutorial. The handmade braids are spectacular.


For dogs whose music taste is more punk than country, the Frisco Front Walking Punk Rocker dog costume is perfect.


Pokémon may have been launched over two decades ago, but it’s still incredibly popular. Get in on the action with this DIY Charizard DIY dog costume.


Is your pup too cool for cartoons? Try the Frisco Furry Dinosaur dog costume.

13Beanie Baby

Revive the Beanie Baby craze of the ’90s by turning your pet into a giant version of the fuzzy toy.


The Sesame Street crew is another huggable costume option. Try Pet Krewe Sesame Street Elmo dog costume or Pet Krewe Sesame Street Cookie Monster dog costume.

14DIY Bloody Bandana

diy dog costume bloody bandana
“Play dead” takes on a whole new meaning with this dog Halloween costume from Erika Lindquist at Sew DoggyStyle. It’s also perfect for dogs who might not like wearing a full-on costume but don’t mind a bandana around their neck.


Flip the roles and make your dog the bad guy with the Frisco Front Walking Killer Doll dog costume.
Whether you want your pooch’s costume to be cute, clever or spooky, we have no shortage of dog Halloween costume ideas. In fact, once you see these matching Halloween costumes for you and your dog, you might even consider hitting the streets as a matching duo this year.
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