4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: Home Edition

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4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: Home Edition

For all of you DIY enthusiasts and environmentally conscious pet parents out there, today’s your day. If you’ve been looking at that Chewy box and thinking of all the things you could turn it into with a little glue and know-how, then this is the how-to you’ve been waiting for. We put our crafting caps on and came up with a list of easy (and some more advanced) upcycled crafts you can make using a Chewy box. So empty out all your Chewy pet supplies and Chewy pet food, and get crafting!

Challenge Level 1: Crafter in Training

This project works with all Chewy box sizes. No fridge should be without pics of your furry family members. We’re going to make sure yours is covered with those sweet, whiskered faces you love so much with this simple fridge magnet craft.

Pet Fridge Magnets


Materials: Chewy box, craft glue or glue stick, magnetic tape, printed pet photos (can be on copy paper, card stock or photo paper), scissors, pen


1. Print out photos that capture your pet’s best side using your choice of paper.


2. Trace the photo onto the Chewy box, and then cut out the shape.


3. Spread glue on the back to attach the paper to the cardboard, being sure to cover all edges.


4. Cut pieces of magnetic tape and stick them to the back of the cardboard. The length of the pieces will depend on the size of your magnet. Make sure you have at least two pieces, and more if it’s larger.


5. Cover your fridge with the cutest pets you’ve ever seen!

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