4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: Pet Edition

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4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: Pet Edition

Challenge Level 2: TV Pet Bed

This project turns an ordinary Chewy box into a TV buff’s dream come true. If you love binge-watching your favorite shows, you’ll love Paw TV, where your kitty or pooch is always the star. This channel is all the rage with pets, too.

tv bed 1

Materials: Chewy box (pick a size that fits your pet), scissors or box cutter, markers, super comfy dog bed or scratchers (that fits inside the box easily), packing tape

Optional Materials: Wand toys for antennae

Step 1: Place your Chewy box right side up. Cut off all of the short flaps and tape up the top.

Step 2: On one of the longer sides, measure 3 inches in from each corner and make a mark.

tv bed 2

Step 3: Take a ruler and connect the marks so that you have a rectangular shape. Cut this shape out of the Chewy box to create your screen.

tv bed 3

Step 4: On one of the short ends, cut out an archway or square that your pet could fit through.

Step 5: Use the markers to draw knobs and a speaker on the front (to the left or right of the screen) for a vintage feel.

Step 6: Place a cozy crate mat or dog bed inside.

Step 7: For extra flair, add antennae. On the top of the box, make two holes in the center about 3 inches apart, along the back edge. Put a long wand toy through each hole, and angle them outward like antennae. Tape down the wands onto the inside back wall of the box to keep them in place.

tv bed 4

Sit back, prop your feet up and watch the best live programming you’ve ever seen. It’s so lifelike, it’s even better than 4K.

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