4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: Home Edition

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4 Uses for Your Chewy Box: Home Edition

Challenge Level 3: Ambitious Upcycler

Instead of putting your Chewy box in the recycling bin, why not turn it into the most essential part of any American barbecue? That’s right, we’re talking about the ever-popular national pastime that’s loved by toddlers and seniors alike: cornhole.

Cornhole Game


Materials: Two large Chewy boxes (our game is a mini version with boxes that measure 17 x 24 x 11 inches), ruler, box cutter (or scissors), round bowl or plate with a 5-6 inch diameter (smaller for a smaller board), markers (or craft glue, glitter and duct tape)

Optional Materials: fabric scraps, needle, thread, dried corn or pinto beans (to make your own bags)


1. Cut off the bottom flaps of your Chewy box with the box cutter and tape the top shut.

2. Turn the Chewy box upside down. On one short side, measure 4 inches down from the top in several spots and make a mark. Connect the dots by drawing a horizontal line across the entire side.


3. On the box corner closest to the side you just marked, measure 4 inches down and make a mark. Draw a line from that mark to the opposite bottom corner. Repeat for the other long side.

4. Cut the lines you made on the three sides with a box cutter or scissors. The shape of the Chewy box should now resemble a cornhole board.

5. Start at the tallest end, and going down the face of the board, make marks approximately 3 inches down and 8 (or 9) inches down. These will mark the top and bottom edges of the hole.


6. Place your bowl or plate with its edges on the marks, center it, and then trace it onto the box. Now cut out the circle.


7. Flip the box upside down and cut off the short flap that’s blocking the hole you just made.



8. Use paint or a glue and glitter combination to decorate it with the traditional triangle, or any way you want. Outline with duct tape.


9. Optional step: If you have sewing skills, you can make your own bags. You’ll need some fabric scraps, needle, thread and some dried corn kernels (or beans) to fill the bags. The final bags should be 4-6 inches square, and weigh about half a pound. You would need one piece of fabric per bag that is 6 x 12 inches so that you can fold it in half and sew the seams in a half-inch from the edges. Be sure to leave a gap to stuff the bag and use a double stitch for durability.

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