16 Clever Matching Halloween Pet Parent and Dog Costumes

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16 Clever Matching Halloween Pet Parent and Dog Costumes

Halloween is not just for children—there are enough adult costumes and even Halloween dog costumes out there to prove that people (and species!) of all ages can join in on the spooky fun.

After all, when you spend an entire year bonding with your pup and diligently being the best pet parent possible, it’s hard not to want to celebrate on one of the zaniest holidays with your four-legged friend. You can even take it to the next level with matching costumes for you and your pet (because why not?).

From spooky to ridiculous to downright genius—showing off your matching couples costume with your pooch is paws-down the best way to commemorate this madcap holiday.

There are so many adorable pictures of dogs in costumes on the internet. But the cuteness level reached a new level when we saw that pet parents matched with their four-legged friend. Here are 16 clever and creative couples costumes for you and your dog:

1. Skeletons

We’re going “tibia” honest—these matching costumes are so “hip” for Halloween.

Get this look: You can easily get this look with your pup by dressing him in the Frisco glow-in-the-dark skeleton dog costume.

2. Pikachu

Because two Pikachus are always better than one.

3. Shark

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Aren’t these costumes jaw-some?

Get this look: If you want to have a fin-friend this year, throw your pet in the Frisco shark dog and cat costume.

 4. Lumberjacks

This matching costume is perfect for all the grizzly pups and pet parents out there—like these two.

Get this look: Fab Dog plaid button-down shirt

5. Ladybugs

We bet these two were all the buzz at the Halloween party.

Get this look: The Rubie’s Costume Company ladybug dog costume will transform your pooch into an adorable ladybug.

6. Wayne and Garth from “Wayne’s World”

“Party on,” Wayne and Garth, as we awe over your adorable couples costume.

7. Unicorns

Unicorns do exist—in all species and sizes.

Get this look: Become a mythical creature with your dog by dressing him up in the Rubie’s Costume Company unicorn cape dog costume.

8. Hot Dogs

These two are living proof that you and your pup can both be “dogs,” hot dogs that is.

Get this look: The Frisco hot dog costume will transform your wiener dog into a hot dog.

9. Popeye and Olive Oyl

A classic love story makes for a perfect couples costume.

10. Vikings

For when you and your pup both deserve a little extra fur.

11. Lobsters

“Bring out the dancing lobsters!”

Get this look: The Frisco Red Lobster dog costume should look “clawsome” with yours.

12. Pizza

Can we have a slice of this adorableness, please?

Get this look: The Rubie’s Costume Company pizza dog costume is the slice of the pie you need to match with your pupper this Halloween.

13. Cop, Convict and Police Cruiser

Call the po po—this family has stolen our hearts.

14. Batman

Na na na na na na na na—BATMANS!

Get this look: The Rubie’s Costume Company classic batman dog costume will have your pupper looking like the “Bark” Knight in no time.

15. Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa

We have arrived at the Chocolate Factory (just don’t feed any chocolate to your dog!).

16. Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”

What’s under the sea? The little mermaid and her mini-me.

More Couples Costume Ideas for You and Your Pup

Nothing is more fun than matching with your best friend on Halloween—especially ones with four legs! To create the perfect couples costume with your pooch, here are some other creative ways you and your pooch can dress up together.

1. Superman and Lois Lane

Matching dog costumes - superman and lois lane

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Dog: Superman

Pet Parent: Lois Lane, or any of the Superman villains.

Costume Shown: The Rubie’s Costume Company Superman dog costume

2. Banana and Monkey

matching dog and human costumes - banana and monkey

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Dog: Banana

Pet Parent: Monkey or another fruit

Costume Shown: The Rubie’s Costume Company banana dog costume

3. Devil and Angel

humand a dog matching costumes - devil

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Dog: Devil

Pet Parent: Angel or another devil

Costume Shown: The Frisco Devil dog costume

4. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker

human and dog matching costumes - darth vader

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Dog: Darth Vader

Pet Parent: Luke Skywalker or any other “Star Wars” character

Costume Shown: The Rubie’s Costume Company Darth Vader dog costume

5. Prisoner and Cop

human and dog matching costumes -prisoner

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Dog: Prisoner

Pet Parent: Cop

Costume Shown: The Frisco Prisoner Dog Costume

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