The Best Dog Crates for Training, Travel and Treating Your Pup Like Royalty

By: Kristen ArendtUpdated:

best dog crates

Whether you’re crate training your newest family member or looking for a travel solution when taking your dog on vacation or to the veterinarian, the best dog crates offer a secure and safe space for your pup to hang out.

Dog parent tested and Chewy pup approved, these top-selling dog kennels come highly recommended by pet parents like you. Just remember to pick the right crate size for your dog’s size—your dog should have enough room to be able to stand up and turn around while in their crate. The right size will ensure their dog crate is a happy place for them to call their own during dog training and beyond.

Keeping your dog contained doesn’t have to be a chore for pet owners. As with most pet products, be sure to factor in your pets’ life stages and size, ensuring enough space for growing pups and adult dogs, whether they are large, medium or small breeds. With these top picks, they’ll be snug and cozy, at home or on the road.